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The Stars Without Study by Stilwell - circa 1910

Here is a planisphere titled "The Stars Without Study" by Chas B Stilwell published around 1910. This planisphere's horizon mask and star wheel are single sheets of paper with the star wheel inserted into the corners of the horizon mask. This copy has been placed on top of a backing board and sealed into a plastic sleeve. Somehow the strip of paper that points to the zenith for 40 degrees north latitude is still present. This is a fairly large planisphere measuring at 37 cm by 37.5 cm. Peter Grimwood in his book "Card Planispheres" mentions that Chas B Stilwell was the inventor of the machine that makes the paper grocery bags that most of us are familiar with. This particular copy came out of the estate of Peter Abrahams, who was a member of the American Astronomical Society's History of Astronomy Division.