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"Die Wunder des Himmels" by Littrow 1913

Here is a later edition of "Die Wunder des Himmels" by Joseph Johann von Littrow that I recently acquired. This volume was printed in 1913 and was edited by Dr. Paul Guthnick. What caught my interest, besides the ornate cover, was the large folded planisphere in a sleeve on the inside of the back cover. Unfolded the planisphere is on a sheet of paper that is 22 inches in height by 44 inches in width (55.88 cm by 111.76 cm). To be of any use the planisphere would need to be cut out and pasted to a couple of pieces of stiff cardboard. It is a wonder that it remained with the book uncut. The sheet has been unfolded and refolded many times as can be seen from the wear along the folds. I photographed the planisphere while it was still folded down the middle. The horizon mask has an extension that one would leave which would provide a point of attachment at the North Celestial Pole to the star chart.