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Astronomy (497 Titles)

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TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A Catechism of AstronomyWilliam Pinnock1833Whitaker, Treacher, and Co.15th 72PaperPinnock's Catechisms series.
A Catechism of AstronomyC. Irving1835Collins and Hannay5th 90Paper 
A Companion to the GlobesR. T. Linnington1820G. & W. B. Whittaker2nd 214Half LeatherDedication page has William Talbot inscribed on it.
A Compendious Treatise on the Use of the Globes, and of MapsJohn Lathrop1812J. W. Burditt and Co.1st 183Leather 
A Compleat System of AstronomyCharles Leadbetter1728J. Wilcox1st 448LeatherVolume one of two.
A Dipper Full of StarsLou Williams1944Follett Publishing Company1st 170Cloth 
A Field Book of the StarsWilliam Tyler Olcott1914G. P. Putnam's Sons2nd 163Cloth 
A General Catalogue of 1290 Double StarsS. W. Burnham1900The University of Chicago Press1st 296ClothPublications of the Yerkes Observatory. Volume 1.
A Handbook of Descriptive and Practical Astronomy, Vol II: Instruments and Practical AstronomyGeorge F. Chambers1890Oxford at the Clarendon Press4th 558ClothVolume II. Frontispiece is a tipped in silver print of a telescope. The fold up chart is missing from the back cover.
A Handbook of Descriptive and Practical Astronomy, Vol III: The Starry HeavensGeorge F. Chambers1890Oxford at the Clarendon Press4th 384ClothVolume III
A Key to the StarsR. Van Der Riet Woolley1935David McKay Company2nd 143Cloth 
A Manual of Advanced Celestial PhotographyBrad D. Wallace1988Cambridge University Press1st 388Cloth 
A Manual of Celestial PhotographyEdward Skinner King1931Eastern Science Supply Company2nd 177Cloth 
A Manual of Celestial PhotographyEdward Skinner King1931Eastern Science Supply Company1st 177Cloth 
A Manual of Field AstronomyAndrew H. Holt1917John Wiley & Sons, Inc.1st 128ClothCarl Lampland book plate - Lowell Observatory.
A Manual of Laboratory AstronomyHarlan True Stetson1923Eastern Science Supply Company1st 156Cloth 
A Manual of Laboratory AstronomyHarlan True Stetson1935Eastern Science Supply Company6th 124PaperVolumes III through VII.
A Manual of Laboratory Astronomy (Volumes I - VII)Harlan True Stetson1935Eastern Science Supply Company6th 179PaperPunched for a three ring binder. Seven volumes.
A Manual of Laboratory Astronomy, Volume IIHarlan True Stetson1937Eastern Science Supply Company  33Paper 
A Manual of Laboratory Astronomy, Volume IVHarlan True Stetson1935Eastern Science Supply Company  23Paper 
A Manual of Laboratory Astronomy, Volume VIHarlan True Stetson1935Eastern Science Supply Company  27Paper 
A Manual of Practical AstronomyWilliam W. Campbell1891The Inland Press1st 166Cloth 
A New Manual of the Elements of AstronomyHenry Kiddle1868American Book Company2nd 284Quarter Leather 
A New System of Astronomy in Question and AnswerAlva Clark1840R. Lockwood7th 72Quarter Cloth 
A New System of Practical AstronomyThomas Spofford1836D. Felt & Co.2nd 72Quarter Cloth 
A New Treatise on the Use of GlobesThomas Keith1818Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green5th 360Leather 
A New Treatise on the Use of Globes and Practical AstronomyJ. Wallace1812Smith & Forman1st 512Leather 
A Photographic History of Mars 1905 to 1961Earl C. Slipher1962United States Air Force1st 168Cloth 
A Photographic Study of the Brighter PlanetsEarl C. Slipher1964Lowell Observatory1st 125Cloth 
A Popular History of Astronomy During the 19th CenturyAgnes Mary Clerke1887Macmillan and Company2nd 502ClothFront cover board is a bit loose. Frontispiece has a cracked corner. Both tipped in silver prints are present, Orion Nebula on the frontispiece, and Jupiter/Saturn on the title page. Text block is cracked at page 336, otherwise a tight binding.
A popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth CenturyAgnes Mary Clerke1893Adam and Charles Black3rd 573ClothHas tipped in silver photographs. Several loose pages, including title page. Cover loose. Plate IV is setached and missing the bottom 1/4 of the plate. The frontispiece is a tipped in silver print of the Orion Nebula. The title page has a tipped in silver print of Jupiter and Saturn.
A Primary Astronomy for Schools and FamiliesHiram Mattison1853F. J. Huntington, and Mason & Law1st2nd printing168Quarter Leather 
A Short Course In AstronomyHenry Kiddle1871Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co.2nd 190Cloth 
A System of AstronomyJohn Vose1827Jacob B. Moore1st 252Quarter Leather 
A Treatise on Astronomical SpectroscopyDr. J. Scheiner1898Ginn and Company2nd 482Quarter Leather 
A Treatise on AstronomySir John F. W. Herschel1834Carey, Lea, & Blanchard2nd 396Quarter Cloth 
A Treatise on AstronomySir John F. W. Herschel1835Carey, Lea, & Blanchard3rd 391Cloth 
A Treatise on AstronomyElias LL.D. Loomis1865Harpers and Brothers Publishers1st 355Leather 
A Treatise on AstronomyH. N. Robinson1869Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman & Co.2nd5th impression413Leather 
A Treatise on AstronomyH. N. Robinson1874Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co.3rd7th impression413Leather 
A Treatise on AstronomyHugh Godfray1886Macmillan and Company4th 320Cloth 
A Treatise on Astronomy, Spherical and Physical with Astronomical ProblemsWilliam A. Norton1871John Wiley and Son, Publishers4th 443Cloth115 pages of tables and 15 plates.
A View of the HeavensRev. Amos Pettengill1826Nathan Whiting1st 82Paper 
Abrege D`AstronomieJerome Lalande1795Firmin Didot2nd 400Half ClothFrench language.
Adler Planetarium and Astronomical Museum of ChicagoPhilip Fox1933The Lakeside Press, R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co.  62Paper 
American Astronomical Society - Constitution, By-laws, and List of Members  1927American Astronomical Society  20Paper 
Among the StarsAgnes Giberne1885Seeley & Co.2nd 310Cloth 
An Account of the Revd. John Flamsteed, The First Astronomer-RoyalFrancis Baily1835William Clowes and Sons1st 672Half Leather 
An Elementary Treatise on AstronomyWilliam A. Norton1839Wiley & Putnam1st 485Leather 
An Elementary Treatise on AstronomyWilliam A. Norton1845Wiley & Putnam2nd 479Leather 
An Elementary Treatise on AstronomyJohn Gummere1846E. C. & J. Biddle3rd 468LeatherRepairs to torn foldouts.
An Explanation of the Gnomonic Projection of the Sphere
Augustus De Morgan1836Baldwin and Cradock1st 126ClothThe book explains the construction and use of the their "Maps of the Stars" and "Six Maps of the Earth". The original owner of this book was Hugh Lee Pattinson (, who was an English industrial chemist, known for developing a process for refining silver. He is also known for his early daguerreotype photographs, and he was also a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. His great granddaughter was Gertrude Bell ( Hugh Pattinson's bookplate is present on the front endpaper, but someone erased his name. I was able to validate ( that the bookplate belonged to Hugh Pattinson. His arms Ex Vile Pretiosa (from base materials to precious ) reflect his discovery of the silver refining process.
An Introduction to AstronomyJohn Bonnycastle1786J. Johnson1st 431LeatherLoose boards.
An Introduction to AstronomyDenison Olmsted1850Robert B. Collins8th 441LeatherTwo parts in one volume.
An Introduction to AstronomyDenison Olmsted1866Collins & Brother3rd 218Leather 
An Introduction to AstronomyRobert H. Baker1940D. Van Nostrand Company2nd6th printing315Cloth 
An Introduction to AstronomyRobert H. Baker1946D. Van Nostrand Company4th4th printing461Cloth 
An Introduction to Astronomy, Geography, Navigation and Other Mathematical Sciences
Robert Leybourn Morden1702R. Smith under the Piazas of the Royal Exchange1st 271Quarter Leather 
An Introduction To Celestial Mechanics
Forest Ray Moulton1928The MacMillan Company2nd 437Cloth 
An Introduction to the Study of Spectrum AnalysisW. Marshall Watts1904Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 325Cloth 
An Introduction to The Study of Variable StarsCaroline E. Furness1915Houghton Mifflin Company1st 327Cloth 
Anleitung zur Kenntniss des Gestirnten HimmelsJohann Elert Bode1801Christian Friedrich Himburg7th 632Half LeatherAll of the star maps are present but they were cut out of the book by a previous owner.
Anleitung zur Kenntniss des gestirnten HimmelsJohann Elert Bode1806Nicolaischen Buchhandlung8th 668Quarter LeatherMaps missing. Frontispiece missing.
Annalen Sternwarte in LeidenDr. F. Kaiser1872Martinus Nijhoff1st 273PaperGerman language. A number of nice Mars observations. Annals of the observatory in Leiden.
Annals of the Lowell Observatory - Observations of the Planet Mars - Volume IIIPercival Lowell1905Houghton Mifflin Company1st 293PaperEx-library book. Volume III of the Annals of The Lowell Observatory. 60 page supplement.
Annals of the Lowell Observatory - Vol IPercival Lowell1898Houghton Mifflin Company1st 391Paper 
Annals of the Lowell Observatory, in 3 volumesPercival Lowell1898Houghton Mifflin Company1st 1207ClothVolume 1: 391 pages, published in 1898 by the Houghton, Mifflin and Company. Volume 2: 523 pages, published in 1900 by Cambridge University Press. Volume 3: 293 pages, published in 1905.
Astrographic Catalogue 1900Sir Frank Watson Dyson1929His Majesty's Stationary Office1st 189Cloth 
Astronomiæ Physicæ & Geometricæ ElementaDavid Gregory1726Apud Marcum-Michaelem Bousquet & Socios2nd 752LeatherGregory's principal work. It was the first text-book composed on gravitational principles, and remodeling astronomy in conformity with physical theory. Newton thought highly of the book, and communicated, for insertion in it, his' lunar theory ', long the guide of practical astronomers in determining the moon's motions.
Astronomical and Meteorological ObservationsVice-Admiral S.C. Rowan1885Government Printing Office1st 424ClothWashington Astronomical and Meteorological Observations - Volume 29. Observations made in 1882.
Astronomical PhotographyGérard de Vaucouleurs1961Faber and Faber LTD1st 137Cloth 
Astronomical Photography at the TelescopeThomas Rackham1959Faber and Faber LTD1st 232Cloth 
Astronomical SpectroscopyA. D. Thackeray1961Eyre and Spottiswoode1st 256Cloth 
Astronomie des Demoiselles
James Ferguson1827Raynal1st 252Quarter LeatherThis book has a hand colored vovelle for the frontispiece. Some of the plates are hand colored. This is the first French edition. Plate 6 is missing and the top of the title page is missing. This edition was translated and edited by M. Quétrin.
Astronomie Enseignée En 22 Leçons M. C.1835Audin6th 438Quarter Leather 
Astronomie PopulaireCamille Flammarion1884C. Marpon et E. Flammarion4th 839Cloth 
AstronomyRichard Green Parker1859Allman and Son  79Cloth 
AstronomyJ. A. Gillet1882Potter, Ainsworth & Co.1st 405Cloth 
AstronomySimon Newcomb1883Henry Holt and Company4th 512Cloth 
AstronomyHenry Norris Russell1926Ginn and Company1st 932Cloth 
AstronomyForest Ray Moulton1931The MacMillan Company1st 549Cloth 
AstronomyJohn Charles Duncan1935Harpers and Brothers Publishers3rd 448Cloth 
AstronomyWilliam Marshall Smart1937Oxford University Press1st 158Cloth 
Astronomy and General PhysicsRev William Whewell1836Carey, Lea, & Blanchard3rd 236ClothAmerican edition.
Astronomy and General Physics Considered with Reference to Natural TheologyRev William Whewell1839William Pickering5th 381Leather 
Astronomy Explained Upon Sir Isaac Newton's PrinciplesJames Ferguson1778W. Strahan, J. Rivirgton and Sons6th 513Leather 
Astronomy for AllBruno H. Bürgel1911Cassell and Company, Ltd.1st 352ClothArt Nouveau cover. Translated from German by Stella Bloch. Some bubbling of the cloth on the front cover and some staining from newspaper clippings.
Astronomy for AmateursCamille Flammarion1904D. Appleton & Co.2nd 345ClothTranslated to English by Frances A. Welby.
Astronomy for BeginnersFrancis Fellowes1836F. J. Huntington & Co.1st 96Quarter Cloth 
Astronomy for BeginnersHereward Carrington1925Haldeman-Julius Company1st 60PaperPrinted in Girard, Kansas. Stapled binding.
Astronomy for EverybodySimon Newcomb1902Garden City Publishing Co., Inc.1st 333Cloth 
Astronomy for SchoolsR. W. Haskins1841Robinson, Pratt & Co.1st 324Leather 
Astronomy for Schools and General ReadersIsaac Sharpless1892J. B. Lippincott Company4th 315Cloth 
Astronomy from a DipperEliot C. Clarke1909Houghton Mifflin Company1stFifteenth impression66Cloth 
Astronomy Lecture Notes anonymous1916anonymous1st  ClothCloth bound lectures notes. Typed and hand written. Two volumes. First volume contains notes from 1912 and 1913. Second volume contains notes from 1916.
Astronomy Made Easy
William Pinnock1840J. W. Southgate & Son3rd 118Cloth 
Astronomy of the 20th CenturyOtto Struve1962Macmillan and Company1st 544ClothHas dust jacket. Red ink marks on title page. The dust jacket is chipped and has a lot of scuff marks.
Astronomy To-DayThéophile Moreuxcirca 1926E. P. Dutton and Company1st 256Cloth 
Astronomy With an Opera GlassGarrett P. Serviss1901D. Appleton & Co.8th 158Cloth 
Astronomy Without MathematicsEdmund Beckett Denison1867Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge4th 330Cloth 
Astronomy, The Sun and His FamilyJulia MacNair Wright1914The Penn Publishing Company1st6th impression203Cloth 
Astrophysics of Gaseous NebulaeDonald E. Osterbrock1974W. H. Freeman and Company1st 251Cloth 
Bebodde VerdenerSigurd Einbu1928H. Aschehoug & Co.1st 134Cloth 
Betrachtung Der Gestirne Und Des WeltgebäudesJohann Elert Bode1823Nicolaischen Buchhandlung2nd 294HardboundHardbound in heavy paper boards with faux-leather design. Foldout star chart attached to the inside of the back cover.
Between the PlanetsFletcher G. Watson1941The Blakiston Company1st 222Cloth 
Beyond the Milky WayGeorge Ellery Hale1926Charles Scribner's Sons2nd 105Quarter Cloth 
Beyond the ObservatoryHarlow Shapley1967Charles Scribner's Sons1st 222Cloth 
Biography of Percival LowellLawrence Lowell1935The MacMillan Company1st 212Cloth 
Brief Biography and Unparalleled Discoveries of T. J. J. SeeW. L. Webb1913Thos. P. Nichols & Son Co.1st 298ClothThe actual author was probably See himself.
Catalogue of 9842 StarsThomas William Backhouse1911Hills and Company1st 186Cloth 
Catalogue of MeteoritesG. T. Prior1953William Clowes and Sons2nd 432Cloth 
Celestial Motions A Handy Book of AstronomyWilliam Thynne Lynn1884Edward Stanford2nd 78Cloth 
Celestial SceneryRev. Thomas Dick1838E. and L. Merriam1st 390Cloth 
Christophori Clavii Bambergensis ex Societate Iesv In sphaeram Ioannis de Sacro Bosco commentariusChristoph Clavius1591Apud Ioan Baptiftam1st5th impression?483VellumThe title page has been repaired.
CLAUDIUS PTOLEMAEUS, Pelusiensis Alexandrini omnia quae extant opera, praeter GeographiamClaudius Ptolemaeus1551Henrich Petri1st 447Leather11 pages have restoration to missing portions of the pages. The book has been rebacked. The northern and southern star maps are not present.
Collection Complette des Oeuvres de Mr. de Voltaire Voltaire1757 1st2nd impression328Leather 
Comet Halley Fact and Foley
Donald K. Yeomans1985Gold Stein Press1st 46ClothVolume 42 out of a limited 350 volumes. This is a miniature book.
Comets and the SunJohn W. Weir1927Longmans, Green and Co., Ltd.1st 72Cloth 
Comets Creators and DestroyersDavid H. Levy1998Touchstone1st 256Paper 
Comite International Permanent Pour L'Execution De La Carte Photographique Du Ciel
Academie des Sciences1889Gauthier-Villars & Fils1st 112Quarter Leather 
Consider the HeavensMrs. William Steadman Aldis1895The Religious Tract Society1st 224Cloth 
Considerations on the Substance of the SunAugustus Brevoort Woodward1801Way and Groff1st 89LeatherFront end paper is partially loose. Damage to the top of the spine.
Constitution De L'espace CelesteG.-A. Hirn1889Gauthier-Villars & Fils1st 332Half Leather 
Contributions to Solar PhysicsNorman Lockyer1874Macmillan and Company1st 676Cloth 
Cosmos - 5 volumesAlexander Von. Humbolt1864Henry G. Bohn1stLater impression of the English edition.1843Half LeatherEnglish translation. In five volumes. Originally published in German between 1845 and 1862. Volume five was completed posthumously.
Cours Élémentaire D'astronomieCharles Delaunay1865Victor Masson Et Fils, Garnier Frères4th 644Quarter LeatherThe southern hemisphere map is torn at the upper right corner.
De la Terre aux Astres
G. Millochau1910Librairie Ch. Delagrave1st 157Cloth 
De Mercure à Pluton. Planètes et satellitesPierre Humbert1937Albin Michel1st 171Quarter Leather 
De Revolutionibus Orbium CoelestiumNicolaus Copernicus1973Tancsics1st 196ClothMiniature facsimile edition.
Definitions and Elementary Observations in AstronomySamuel R. Gummere1830Kimber and Sharpless  138Quarter LeatherThe World Catalog only lists six copies in libraries located within the US. The inscription reads "Sarah P Pancoast, Westtown, Seminary 1837." The Westtown Seminary was probably a Quaker school. This school appears to still be around today.
Der wohlerfahrene Kalendermann, nebst einer neuen populären AstronomieUlm Friedrich Ebner1849Ulm Friedrich Ebner1st 280Quarter LeatherGerman language.
Der Wunderbau des Weltalls oder Populäre AstronomieJ. H. Mädler1879E. Bichteler & Co.7th 748ClothIn two volumes. The second volume contains diagrams, maps and tables. Very ornate covers. Light foxing to the 2nd volume. Each volume has a bookplate from the original owner.
Destination MarsMartin Caidin1972Doubleday & Company, Inc.1st 295ClothDust jacket is chipped.
Determination of Orbits of Comets and AsteroidsRussell Tracy Crawford1930McGraw-Hill Book Company1st 233Cloth 
Die Wunder des Himmels
Joseph Johann von Littrow1913von W. Herlet12th 787ClothThere is a large (22 inches x 22 inches) folded planisphere in a pocket attached to the inside of the back cover. It appears that the planisphere was intended to be cut out and pasted to pieces of board by the book owner.
Diesterwegs Populare HimmelskundeDr. M. Wilhelm Meyer1890Derlag bon Emil Goldjdjmidt1st 425Quarter Leather 
Discovery of the UniverseGérard de Vaucouleurs1957Faber and Faber LTD1st 328Cloth 
Earth, Moon and PlanetsFred Whipple1941The Blakiston Company1stPrinting of Feb. 1946293Cloth 
Easy Star LessonsRichard A. Proctor1881Chatto and Windus1st 239Cloth 
Ecce CoelumRev. E. F. Burr1870Noyes, Holmes, and Company10th 198Cloth 
Eight Familiar Lectures on AstronomyWilliam Phillips1818James Eastburn and Co. Literary Books1st 254Leather 
Elementary AstronomyWM. Emmons1866WM. S. Falls2nd 83Quarter ClothCover is detached and cloth of the spine torn. Paper on front cover is chipped.
Elementary AstronomyOtto Struve1959Oxford University Press1st2396Cloth 
Éléments de Cosmographie
Napoléon Nicolas de Meissas1837Vve Maire-Nyon1st 234Quarter LeatherThere are two folding plates at the end of the book.
Elements of AstronomyJohn Brinkley1819R.E. Mercier2nd 328Half LeatherThis book has several pages of handwritten notes that are in a very nice cursive style. The handwriting could almost be said to be perfect.
Elements of Astronomy
John H. Wilkins1823Cummings and Hillard2nd 147Quarter Leather 
Elements of AstronomyJohn H. Wilkins1826Cummings, Hillard, & Co.4th 152Quarter LeatherThe folding frontispiece has been repaired. Several pages have repaired tears or missing paper replaced.
Elements of AstronomyHervey Wilbur1834Dorr, Howland, & Co.4th 144PaperWater stains. Tear and hole in title page.
Elements of AstronomyJohn H. Wilkins1834Hillard, Gray & Co.2nd10th impression152Quarter Leather 
Elements of AstronomyJohn H. Wilkins1835Hillard, Gray & Co.2nd11th impression152Quarter LeatherStereotype edition.
Elements of AstronomyJohn Brocklesby1857Farmer, Brace & Co.3rd 324Quarter Leather 
Elements of AstronomySelim H. Peabody1869Wilson, Hinkle & Co.1st 336Leather 
Elements of AstronomyNorman Lockyer1883D. Appleton & Co.12th 312Quarter Leather 
Elements of AstronomyElias LL.D. Loomis1886Harpers and Brothers Publishers  254Leather 
Elements of Descriptive AstronomyHerbert Alonzo Howe1897Silver, Burdett and Company1st 340Cloth 
Elements of Natural Philosophy. IV. Spherical AstronomyW. H. C. Bartlett1855A. S. Barnes and Company1st 465Quarter Leather 
Entretiens sur la Pluralité des MondesBernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle1701Chez Pierrae Mortier11th 140Leather 
Essays on AstronomyRichard A. Proctor1872Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 401Cloth 
Évolution des Mondes Suivi de L'histoire des Principaux Progrès de L'astronomie
J M Nergalcirca 1906Schleicher2nd 164Paper 
Evolution of Stars and GalaxiesWalter Baade1963Harvard University Press1st 321ClothEdited by Celia Payne-Gaposchkin. Dust jacket present.
Evolution of the Stellar Systems - volumes I and IIThomas See1896The Nichols Press1st 993Cloth 
Exploring MarsRay Gallant1956Garden City Books1st 61Cloth 
Exploring MarsRay Gallant1956Garden City Books1st 61ClothSecond copy.
Exploring Space with a CameraEdgar M. Cortright1968National Aeronautics and Space Administration2nd 214Cloth 
Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small TelescopesErnest H. Cherrington1969Dover  229Paper 
Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small TelescopesErnest H. Cherrington1969McGraw-Hill Book Company1st 206Cloth 
Familiar Lessons on AstronomyMrs. L. N. Fowler1855Fowlers & Wells1st5th impression165Cloth 
Fifty Famous Sky StoriesCaroline Silver June1925Albert Whitman Company2nd 126Cloth 
First Book in AstronomyRev. J. L. Blake1845Gould, Kendall, and Lincoln6th 120ClothHomemade dust jacket.
First Observations in AstronomyMary E. Byrd1914The Rumford Press1st 126Cloth 
Flights From ChaosHarlow Shapley1930Whittlesey House1st 168Cloth 
Flowers of the SkyRichard A. Proctor1879Strahan and Company Limited1st 295ClothFront end paper loose. Third copy. Purchased with 11 other books.
Flowers of the SkyRichard A. Proctor1879Strahan and Company Limited1st 295Half LeatherSecond copy.
Flowers of the SkyRichard A. Proctor1889Chatto and Windus  295Cloth 
Fourteen Weeks in Descriptive AstronomyJoel Dorman Steele1869A. S. Barnes and Company2nd 338Cloth 
Fourteen Weeks in Descriptive AstronomyJoel Dorman Steelecirca 1880A. S. Barnes and Company9th 336ClothFormer University of Kansas Library copy. Taped binding. Star chart detached but present.
Galactic Nebulae and Interstellar MatterJean Dufay1957Hutchinson's Scientific and Technical Publications2nd 352Cloth 
GalaxiesOtto Struve1962Brookhaven National Laboratory  13Paper 
Geography of the Heavens and Class Book of Astronomy Accompanied by a Celestial AtlasElijah Hinsdale Burritt1849Huntington and Savage5th11th impression305Quarter Leather 
GlobulesBart Bok Steward Observatory  28Paper 
Goto Hakubutsu ShinpenBenjamin Hobsoncirca 1870anonymous  57PaperJapanese woodblock print book. Volume 2 of 3 volume set of science books written by the missionary Benjamin Hobson.
Gregoriana Correctio Illustrata Ampliata et a Conviciis VindicataR. P. Melitone1743Sumptibus Societatis, et Veneunt Tolosae1st 285LeatherLatin text on the Gregorian calendar. A couple of worm holes.
Guy's Elements of AstronomyJoseph Guy1832Key, Mielke & Biddle5th 136Leather 
Half Hours with the TelescopeRichard A. Proctor1868Robert Hardwicke1st 109Cloth 
Handbook of AstronomyDionysius Lardner1867James Walton3rd 528Leather 
Heliometer Observations for Determination of Stellar ParallaxDavid Gill1893Eyre and Spottiswoode1st1st printing167Cloth 
Heroes of Science. AstronomersE. J. C. Morton1882Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge1st 341Cloth 
Highlights of AstronomyWalter Bartky1935The University of Chicago Press1st 280Cloth 
Histoire du CielCamille Flammarion1880J. Hetzel  464Cloth 
Historie des Idees et des Recherches Sur le SoleilH. Deslandres1906Gauthier-Villars1st 147Half Leather 
Hours with a Three Inch TelescopeCapt. W. M. Noble1887Longmans, Green, and Co.2nd 122Cloth 
In The Sky GardenLizzie W. Champney1877Lockwood, Brooks, and Company1st 211Cloth 
Institutes of Natural Philosophy, Theoretical and PracticalWilliam Enfield1824Cummings, Hillard, & Co.4th 297Leather 
Institutio Astronomica de usu Globorum & Sphaerarum Caelestium ac TerrestriumWillem Janszoom Blaeu1690Joannis Wolters  243VellumThis was a popular primer on astronomy originally published in 1618. It covers both Ptolemaic and Copernican astronomy. This book was originally printed in the Dutch language, and was translated to Latin in 1634. The author began his carreer as an assistant to Tycho Brahe, after which he became a maker of instruments and globes, then later an engraver and printer. A previous owner's signature, dated Feb. 12, 1706, is on the front flyleaf. The book is in two parts, the first part being Ptolemaic astronomy, while the second part is Copernican astronomy. The book was purchased through the first ever ABAA virtual book fair.
Introductio Ad Veram Astronomiam Seu Lectiones AstronomicaeJohn Keill1718E Theatre Sheldoniano1st 495CasewrapOriginal Latin first edition bound in later paper boards.
Introduction to AstronomyCecilia H. Payne-Gaposchkin1954Prentice Hall, Inc.1st3rd printing508Cloth 
Introduction to Practical AstronomyDinsmore Alter1933Thomas Y. Crowell Company1st 136ClothHas the original dust jacket. The author was an astronomy professor at the University of Kansas.
Itim le-VinahR. Joseph ben Moses Aaron Ginzberg1886Isaac Goldman1st 432ClothHebrew language. This book explains how to make calculations for the Jewish calendar.
John Couch Adams and the Discovery of NeptuneSir Harold Spencer Jones1947Cambridge University Press1st 43Paper 
KosmosWillem De Sitter1932Harvard University Press1st 138Cloth 
Kurzer Entwurf der Astronomischen WissenschaftenJohann Elert Bode1794Himburg1st 455Half Leather 
La Geografia AstronomicaCav. Gerolamo Da-Passano1870R. I. De Sordo-Muti6th 339Quarter Leather 
La Geografia AstronomicaGerolamo Da Passano1870Sordo-muti6th 352Quarter Leather 
La Nature et Présage des Comètes. Ouvrage Mathematique, Physique, Chimique & Historique; Enrichi des Propheties des derniers Siecles, et de la fabrique des grandes lunettes
Claude Comiers1665Charles Mathevet1st 395VellumThis volume is missing all the introductory sheets (including the title) and sheets 415 to 499 (as well as the table). It is composed as follows: pp. 1-352, then cccliij-ccclx, then pp. 353-368, then pp. 387-398, then pp. 401-414. In addition to the missing leaves mentioned above, there are therefore still two paginated leaves in Roman numerals (placed between pages 352 and 353), pages 369 to 387 and pages 399-400. It is illustrated with 10 figures (/ 11) in the text engraved on wood. In full, the work consists of 7 treatises (2 important and 5 little developed in fine): On the nature of comets - Omens of comets - The end of the world - The list of 20 books on the Antichrist - The 28 popes who are yet to come before the end of the world - The prophecies of a King of France - The way to make the big glasses. Our copy contains only the two main treatises (cut off from the very last pages of the second). The work was most certainly partly untied due to the shortages and has been restored to restore its body (poor quality work), the guards have been renewed. Burnished interior, foxing, a few rings or wettings, some traces of worms in the lower corner (far from the text), horny leaves, paper patch on the margin of the foot of a leaf, broken lines of notebooks (firmly attached but poorly sewn).
La Planéte MarsCamille Flammarion1892Gauthier-Villars1st 1212ClothVolume I (1892) and Volume II (1909).
La Planéte MarsCamille Flammarion1892Gauthier-Villars1st 608ClothVolume I. The color plates at page 296 are missing.
La Planéte MarsCamille Flammarion1909Gauthier-Villars1st 600ClothVolume 2. Signed by the author's second wife, Gabrielle. A postcard showing the author and his second wife seated while talking to each other is taped to the series title page. The postcard is dated Jan. 30, 1946 and has a note written by Gabrielle to the previous owner of this book. The half title page is signed by a previous owner "Ensign a. b. Meinel, USNR, NAVTECHMISEU Paris, 23 April 45". NAVTECHMISEU was a US Navy intelligence unit that was formed in December 1944, whose mission was to exploit German science and technology for the benefit of the Navy Department's technical bureaus.
La Pluralite des Mondes HabitésCamille Flammarion1872Gauthier-Villars17th 475Half Leather 
Laboratory AstronomyRobert Wheeler Wilson1905Ginn and Company2nd 189Cloth 
Laboratory Manual in AstronomyMary E. Byrd1899Ginn and Company1st 273Cloth 
L'Astronomie Pittoresque
L'Abbé J. Loridan1896Desclée De Brouwer et Cie1st 398ClothGilded edges. Descriptions and Stories, Monuments and Medals relating to the study of the sky. Illustrated with 57 engravings.
Le Macchie SolariGalileo Galilei1655HH. del Dozza2nd 156Quarter LeatherModern binding. Textually complete, but lacking the last 2 of the ten leaves of woodcuts Disegni delle Machie del Sole, showing sunspots observed by Galileo in June 1612, i.e. leaves G5-6 (forming pp. 57-60).
Les Étoiles Essai D'astronomie SideraleP. A. Secchi1879Librairie Germer Bailliére1st 208ClothFrench Language. Volume 1 of 2.
Les Terres Du CielCamille Flammarion1884Marpon-Flammarion3rd 773Cloth 
Lessons in AstronomyCharles Augustus Young1901Ginn and Company6th 366Cloth 
Lessons in AstronomyCharles Augustus Young1925Ginn and Company12th 420Cloth 
Letters on AstronomyDenison Olmsted1842Thomas H. Webb & Co.1st3rd printing419ClothProfessionally rebacked, preserving the original spine material.
Letters on AstronomyDenison Olmsted1855Harpers and Brothers Publishers3rd 427Cloth 
Lines of the Chemical Elements in Astronomical SpectraPaul Willard Merrill1956Carnegie Institution of Washington1st 167Cloth 
Man's Place in the UniverseAlfred Russel Wallace1903McClure, Phillips & Co.1st 326Cloth 
Mariner-Mars 1969: A Preliminary Report anonymous1969U.S. Government Printing Office1st 145Paper 
MarsPercival Lowell1895Houghton Mifflin Company1st 217ClothWater stains to the cover and the frontispiece is loose. Mars map has two tears.
MarsWilliam H. Pickering1921Richard G. Badger1st 173Cloth 
Mars 3-DJim Bell2008Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.1st2nd printing148Casewrap 
Mars and Its CanalsPercival Lowell1906The MacMillan Company1st 393Cloth 
Mars and Its CanalsPercival Lowell1907The MacMillan Company1stThird Thousand393Cloth 
Mars As The Abode Of LifePercival Lowell1908The MacMillan Company1st 288Cloth 
Mars as Viewed by Mariner 9 anonymous1976National Aeronautics and Space Administration2nd 225Cloth 
Mars BeckonsJohn Noble Wilford1990Knopf1st 244Quarter ClothTop corner of front board damaged. Dust jacket present. Second copy.
Mars BeckonsJohn Noble Wilford1990Knopf  244Cloth 
Mars The Mystery UnfoldsPeter Cattermole2001Oxford University Press1st 186Cloth 
Mars, The New Frontier, Lowell's HypothesisWells Alan Webb1956Fearon Publishers1st 141Cloth 
Mechanick Dialling
Charles Leadbetter1737Edward Wicksteed1st 193LeatherThe book comes with a custom clamshell case.
Memoir on a Trans-Neptunian PlanetPercival Lowell1915Thos. P. Nichols & Son Co.1st 105ClothBound with "Memoir on Saturn's Rings". Stamped on the first page "J NORMAN LOCKYER, K.C.B., F.R.S.". Missing the original paper covers. Contains nine plates after the text. This is a second copy.
Memoir on a Trans-Neptunian PlanetPercival Lowell1915Thos. P. Nichols & Son Co.1st 105PaperIn the original box provided by Percival Lowell.
Memoir on Saturn's RingsPercival Lowell1915Thos. P. Nichols & Son Co.1st 22ClothFormorly property of Dr. Victor M. Blanco. Bound with "Memoir on a Trans-Neptunian Planet".
Merveilles CelestesCamille Flammarion1878Librairie Hachette Et C6th 382Cloth 
Mid-Edo Period Japanese Astronomy anonymouscirca 1750anonymous  63PaperJapanese woodblock print book.
Modern CosmogoniesAgnes Mary Clerke1905Adam and Charles Black1st 287Cloth 
Monograph of the Central Parts of the Nebula of OrionEdward Singleton Holden1882U.S. Government Printing Office1st 230ClothEx-library book.
Moon 3-DJim Bell2009Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.1st 148CasewrapStereo viewer included.
Mysteries of Time and SpaceRichard A. Proctor1886Chatto and Windus2nd 418Cloth 
Myths and Marvels of AstronomyRichard A. Proctor1878Chatto and Windus2nd 363Half Leather 
Neptune: From Grand Discovery to a World Revealed
William Sheehan (editor)2021Springer Nature1st 403Hardbound 
New AstronomyDavid Peck Todd1897American Book Company1st 480Cloth 
New Handbook of the HeavensHubert J. Bernhard1948Whittlesey House2nd 360Cloth 
New Observations of the Planet MercuryPercival Lowell1898John Wilson and Son1st2nd printing32PaperReprint from Memoirs of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences Vol. XII - No. IV.
Nouveau Traite de la Pluralite des MondesChristiaan Huygens1702Chez Jean Moreau1st 277LeatherAbout one inch of the top of the spine is missing. This is a French translation of Kosmotheoros, which was published posthumously in 1698.
Novae TheoricaeGeorg von Peurbach1537Ioan. Anto. de Nicolinis de Sabio, sumptu Melchioris Sessae19th 40Quarter Leather 
Observational Evidence for Galactic Spiral StructureBart Bok1970Steward Observatory  47Paper 
Observationes Astronomicas, Volume IIFriedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve1820Ex officina academica J. C. Schuenmanni1st 214PaperCover missing.
Observationes Astronomicas, Volume IIIFriedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve1822Ex officina academica J. C. Schuenmanni1st 155HardboundS. W. Burnham stamped on the title page. Former Univ. of Chicago library book.
Observations of the Planet Mars
Harold B. Webb1936Harold B. Webb1st 21Cloth 
Observations on the Nebulae The Earl of Rosse1850R. and J. E. Taylor1st 16Half LeatherInscribed by the author. Contains four plates of drawings. From the Philosophical Transactions - Part II for 1850.
Observing and Cataloguing Nebulae and Star Clusters
Wolfgang Steinicke2016Cambridge University Press2nd 648Paper 
Optical Astronomical SpectroscopyChristopher R. Kitchin1995Institute of Physics Publishing1st 272Casewrap 
Origen, Vida, Muerte y Pulverizacion de los AstrosTomas Oria Y Balbas1916E. C. McCullough & Co., Inc.2nd 130ClothSpanish language book from the Philippines. Translation of the title "Origin, Life, Death and Pulverizacion of the Stars".
Other Suns Than OursRichard A. Proctor1887W. H. Allen and Co.1st 419Cloth 
Other Worlds Than OursRichard A. Proctor1882Longmans, Green, and Co.5th 318Cloth 
Other Worlds Than OursRichard A. Proctor1896D. Appleton & Co.  334Half Leather 
Ottoman Calendar Manuscript anonymous anonymous  1Unbound17th century manuscript. Single page.
Our Place Among the InfinitiesRichard A. Proctor1876D. Appleton & Co.1st 323Cloth 
Our SunDonald H. Menzel1949The Blakiston Company1st 326Cloth 
Outlines of AstronomySir John F. W. Herschel1867Longmans, Green, and Co.9th 741Half Leather 
Outlines of AstronomyArthur Searle1874Ginn Brothers1st 417Cloth 
OverheadAnnie Moore1878D. Lothrop and Company1st 247Quarter Cloth 
Panorama des MondesCharles Henri Lecouturier1858Musée des Sciences1st 463Quarter ClothNot a very common book. Less than 24 copies listed in the Worl Catalog. Only one copy for sale on ABE Books.
Photographic Giants of PalomarJames S. Fassero1952Westrnlore Press3rd 72Paper 
Photographs of Nebulae and Clusters Made With the Crossley ReflectorJames Edward Keeler1908University of California Publications1st 46ClothPublications of the Lick Observatory - Vol VIII. 70 plates.
Photography in AstronomyE.. W. H. Selwyn1950Eastman Kodak Company1st 112Cloth 
Physica Experimentalis et RationalisHermann Osterrieder1770Matthaei Rieger3rd 764Leather 
Pictorial AstronomyDinsmore Alter1948Griffith Observatory1st 288Cloth 
Pictures of the Heavens anonymous1859J. and C. Mozley2nd 163Leather 
Pioneers of ScienceOliver J. Lodge1913Macmillan and Company6th 404Cloth 
Poole Bros' Celestial HandbookJules A. Colas1892Poole Bros1st 110Cloth 
Populaer AstronomiPoul Heegaard1902Ernst Bojesen2nd 252Half Leather 
Popular AstronomyCamille Flammarion D. Appleton & Co.  686Cloth 
Popular AstronomyOrmsby MacKnight Mitchell1866Oakley & Mason  384Cloth 
Popular AstronomySimon Newcomb1879Harpers and Brothers Publishers3rd 571Cloth 
Popular AstronomyGeorge Airy1881Macmillan and Company10th 292Cloth 
Popular AstronomyCamille Flammarion1907D. Appleton & Co.  696Cloth 
Practical and Spherical AstronomyRev. Robert Main1863Deighton, Bell, and Co.1st 392Cloth 
Practical AstronomyAlexander Ewing1812David Allinson & Co.2nd 371Cloth 
Practical AstronomyGeorge L. Hosmer1925John Wiley & Sons, Inc.3rd 265Cloth 
Practical Talks by an AstronomerHarold Jacoby1902Charles Scribner's Sons1st 235Cloth 
Principles of Stellar DynamicsSubrahmanyan Chandrasekhar1942The University of Chicago Press1st2251Cloth 
Principles of Stellar Evolution and NucleosynthesisDonald D. Clayton1983The University of Chicago Press2nd 612Paper 
Problems in AstrophysicsAgnes Mary Clerke1903Adam and Charles Black1st 567Cloth 
Procli Sphaera Proclus1547Parisiis, Apud Iacobum Bogardum1st 30VellumLatin translation of the Greek text by Thomas Linacre and Jacobus Tousanus.
Publications of the Washburn Observatory Vol IIIEdward Singleton Holden1885Democrat Printing Co.1st 139ClothInscribed "Presented by Senator Parry Sept 26/85"
Publikationen des Astrophysikalischen Instituts Königstuhl-Heidelberg, Volume: 2, Number: 1-12Max Wolf (editor)1906G. Braun'schen Hofbuchdr  191ClothBound with volume 3. Page 1 is stamped "Bequest of E. E. Barnard". Pages 1, and 29 have E. E. B hand written intials.
Publikationen des Astrophysikalischen Instituts Königstuhl-Heidelberg, Volume: 3, Number: 1-8Max Wolf (editor)1909G. Braun'schen Hofbuchdr  160ClothBound with volume 2. Page one is stamped "Bequest of E. E. Barnard". Page 41 has the inscription "E. E. B 1907 Sep 23".
Race to MarsFrank Miles1988Harper & Row1st1st US edition192Cloth 
Radiative Processes in AstrophysicsGeorge B. Rybicki1979John Wiley & Sons  382Paper 
Radio Astronomy for the AmateurDave Heiserman1977Tab Books1st2nd printing251Cloth 
Recreations in AstronomyHenry White Warren1886Chautauqua Press3rd 284Cloth 
Red-Shifts in the Spectra of NebulaeEdwin Hubble1934Oxford at the Clarendon Press1st 17PaperHalley lecture delivered on 5/8/1934. Inscribed on the cover by Sidney Hacker.
Reduction of the Observations of PlanetsGeorge Airy1845Palmer and Clayton1st 673Cloth 
Researches on the Evolution of the Stellar Systems - Volume 1Thomas See1896The Nichols Press1st 258Cloth 
Results of Astronomical Observations Made During the Years 1834, 5, 6, 7, 8 at the Cape of Good Hope
Sir John F. W. Herschel1847Smith, Elder and Co.1st 452ClothPresentation copy from John Herschel to Henry Fox Talbot. All 17 plates at the end of the book are present, four of them are folding plates. The front endpaper and flyleaf have traces of a bookplate that has been removed or fell out in the past.
Round the Year with the StarsGarrett P. Serviss1910Harpers and Brothers Publishers1st 147Cloth 
Roving MarsSteve Squyres2005Hyperion1st 422ClothDust jacket present. Bottom of the front flyleaf clipped.
Rudimentary AstronomyRev. Robert Main1882Crosby Lockwood and Co.3rd 175Cloth 
Sammlung Populärer Astronomischer MittheilungenWilhelm Förster1878Ferd. Dümmler's Verlagsbuchhandlung1st 168Quarter Leather 
Saturn and Its Ring, 1875 - 1889Asaph Hall1889Government Printing Office1st 21Paper 
Saturn and Its SystemRichard A. Proctor1865Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green1st 252ClothThe spine was falling off the book and it was Percival Lowell's personal copy (a Christmas present from his mother in 1872). The book was rebacked by Amanda Buck.
Saturn and Its SystemRichard A. Proctor1865Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 252ClothHas library stamp from the Astronomical Society of Victoria, AU.
Saturn and Its SystemRichard A. Proctor1905Chatto and Windus2nd3rd impression211Cloth 
Seconde Suite Des Memoires de Mathematique et De Physique, Tirés des Registres de l'Académie Royale Des Sciences De l'Année MDCCXLVIII Academie des Sciences1756J.Schreuder & Pierre Mortier le jeune1st 342Leather 
Side-Lights on AstronomySimon Newcomb1906Harpers and Brothers Publishers1st 350Cloth 
Sidereal Chromatics
Admiral William Henry Smyth1864John Bowyer Nichols and Sons1st 96ClothThis is a presentation copy of Admiral Smyth's "Sidereal Chromatics", which is about the colors of double stars. The front endpaper has the bookplates of Smyth and the dedicatee, scientific colleague John Lee, with inscription to Joseph Bonomi, cataloguer of the Hartwell Collection of Egyptology and designer of at least one building on the Hartwell estate, where Smyth's astronomical observatory was. This copy was subsequently owned by the British Astronomical Association, with their rubber stamps on the title-page and front free endpaper.
Signals From the StarsGeorge Ellery Hale1931Charles Scribner's Sons2nd 138Cloth 
Sir William Huggins and Spectroscopic AstronomyE. W. Maunder1913T. C. & E. C. Jack1st 94Cloth 
Six Lectures on AstronomyGeorge Airy1849Simpkin and Marshall1st 247Cloth 
Smith's Illustrated AstronomyAsa Smith1852Cady & Burgess9th 72Quarter LeatherFolio. Several torn pages
So That's AstronomyR. Ray Baker1941The Reilly & Lee Co.1st 126Cloth 
Spectroscopic Observations of NebulæJames Edward Keeler1894Lick Observatory1st 64Quarter Cloth 
Spectrum AnalysisDr. H. Schellen1872Longmans, Green, and Co.2nd 662ClothFront and back boards loose. Translated from German by Jane and Caroline Lassell.
Sphaera Ioannis de SacroBosco EmendataJoannes de Sacro Bosco1606Apud Hugonem Gazaeum1st10th impression?174VellumLatin text. Reproduction volvelles present.
Spherical and Practical Astronomy Vol. 1William Chauvenet1885J. B. Lippincott Company5th 708Cloth 
Spherical and Practical Astronomy Vol. 2William Chauvenet1885J. B. Lippincott Company5th 632Cloth 
Star ClustersHarlow Shapley1930McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.1st 276Cloth 
Star Stories for Little FolksGertrude Chandler Warner1918The Pilgrim Press1st 63Cloth 
Star-LandSir Robert Stawell Ball1890Cassell and Company, Ltd.1stTenth Thousand376Cloth 
StarlightHarlow Shapley1926George H. Doran Company1st 143Cloth 
StarsJames B. Kaler1992Scientific American Library1st 273Cloth 
Stars and AtomsArthur Stanley Eddington1927Yale University Press1st2nd impression127Cloth 
Stars and AtomsArthur Stanley Eddington1928Yale University Press1st3rd impression131Cloth 
Stars and ClustersCecilia H. Payne-Gaposchkin1979Harvard University Press1st 262ClothCecilia completed this book one month before her death.
Stars and PlanetsDonald H. Menzel1931The University Society Inc.1st 121Cloth 
Stars and TelescopesDavid Peck Todd1901Sampson Low, Marston, & Co., Limited1st3rd impression419Cloth 
Stars in the MakingCecilia H. Payne-Gaposchkin1959Pocket Books, Inc.  162Paper 
Stars Shown to the ChildrenEllison Hawks1910T. C. & E. C. Jack1st 119ClothThis was the author's first book.
Stellar AtmospheresCecilia H. Payne1925Harvard University Press1st 215ClothSigned by the author. This book was originally owned by Dr. Storer, a University of Kansas astronomer, and was purchased from Hood Books in Lawrence, KS. This book was used as a reference in the filming of "Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey". Notes from Dr. Storer, and writing by John Hood (book seller) on the front flyleaf. Notes by Dr. Storer on pages 31, 79, 96, 189, and 209. Small tear at the bottom of page 186 and the edge of page 187 (damage occurred during scanning of pages for the Cosmos series). There were 600 copies of this book printed.
Stellar EvolutionOtto Struve1950Princeton University Press1st2266Cloth 
Stellar MotionsWilliam W. Campbell1913Yale University Press1st 328Cloth 
Stellar Movements and the Structure of the UniverseArthur Stanley Eddington1914Macmillan and Company1st 266Cloth 
Stories of the Great AstronomersEdward Singleton Holden1901D. Appleton & Co.2nd 255Cloth 
Structure and Evolution of the Stars
Martin Schwarzschild1958Princeton University Press1st2296Cloth2nd printing, 1959. Some wear to the dust jacket. Former owner's name printed on the title page.
Studies in AstronomyJ. Ellard Gore1904Chatto and Windus1st 336Cloth 
Sun, Moon, and Stars A Book for BeginnersAgnes Giberne1887Robert Carter and Brothers1st6th impression299Cloth 
SunquakesJack B. Zirker2003John Hopkins University Press1st 265Cloth 
Sunspots in ActionHarlan True Stetson1947The Ronald Press Company1st 252Cloth 
Tales About The Sun, Moon and StarsPeter Parley1848William Tegg & Co5th 390Cloth 
Telescopes and AccessoriesGeorge Z. Dimitroff1945The Blakiston Company1st 309ClothDust jacket present. Second copy.
Telescopes and AccessoriesGeorge Z. Dimitroff1945The Blakiston Company1st 309Cloth 
Text-Book of Popular AstronomyWilliam G. Peck1883A. S. Barnes and Company1st 330Cloth56 pages of advertisements at the end of the book. The rear flyleaf is chipped. The rear cover is dampstained. One inch tear in the spine along the front at the head. WorldCat lists only 12 copies. AbeBooks lists only one copy.
The ABC of AstronomyJay L. B Taylor1928Vanguard Press2nd 123Cloth 
The Arc Spectrum of Iron From 8388 - 2242 ÅA. Gatterer1935Specola Vaticana1st 10PaperIncludes 21 photographic plates. Co-authored by J. Junkes
The Astronomical Aspect of the Theory of RelativityWillem De Sitter1933University of California Press2nd 196PaperReprint of a 1932 article. Cover is loose.
The Atmosphere of Mars
Percival Lowell1916Nicola Zanichelli1st 27Paper 
The Aurora BorealisAlfred Angot1897D. Appleton & Co.2nd 264Cloth 
The Binary StarsRobert G. Aitken1935Dover2nd 309Paper 
The Book of MarsSamuel Glasstone1968National Aeronautics and Space Administration1st 315Cloth 
The Book of MarsSamuel Glasstone1968Government Printing Office1st 315Cloth 
The Borderland of ScienceRichard A. Proctor1882Wyman and Sons2nd 438Cloth 
The Call of the StarsJohn R. Kippax1919G. P. Putnam's Sons2nd 431Cloth 
The Common Sights in the HeavensCaptain A. W. Drayson1862Chapman & Hall1st 231Cloth 
The Composition of the StarsHenry Norris Russell1933Oxford at the Clarendon Press1st 31PaperHalley lecture delivered on 6/1/1933. Binding taped together.
The Cosmological Distance LadderMichael Rowan-Robinson1985W. H. Freeman and Company1st 355Cloth 
The Depths of the UniverseGeorge Ellery Hale1924Charles Scribner's Sons1st 98Quarter Cloth 
The Earth and the StarsCharles Greeley Abbott1926D. Van Nostrand Company1st2nd printing264Cloth 
The Earth in Space: A Manual of Astronomical GeographyEdward P. Jackson1887D. C. Heath & Company1st 73Cloth 
The Earth's BeginningSir Robert Stawell Ball1903D. Appleton & Co.3rd 384Cloth 
The Elements of AstronomyRev. S. Vince1811Kimber and Conrad1st1st American edition242Half Leather 
The Elements of AstronomyS. Treeby1823Samuel Wood & Sons3rd 216Quarter LeatherSpine loose. First edition under M. Nash.
The Elements of AstronomySelim H. Peabody1869Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co.1st 336Cloth 
The Elements of AstronomySir Robert Stawell Ball1900The MacMillan Company7th 183Cloth 
The Elements of AstronomyEdward Arthur Fath1934McGraw-Hill Book Company3rd 360Cloth 
The Elements of Astronomy, Illustrated by ObservationsJames Mitchell1820T. and J. Allman1st 212Half Leather 
The Elements of Practical AstronomyWilliam W. Campbell1899The MacMillan Company2nd 264Cloth 
The Elements of Practical AstronomyWilliam W. Campbell1913The MacMillan Company2nd 264Cloth 
The Evolution of WorldsPercival Lowell1909The MacMillan Company1st 262ClothSecond copy.
The Evolution of WorldsPercival Lowell1909The MacMillan Company1st 262ClothRebound. Ex-library book.
The Expanse of HeavenRichard A. Proctor1874D. Appleton & Co.1st 305ClothFront flyleaf is wrinkled. First American edition.
The Exploration of MarsWilley Ley1956Viking Press5th 176ClothCo-authored with Wernher Von Braun. Dust jacket present. 16 lithographs by Chesley Bonestell.
The Family of the SunEdward Singleton Holden1899D. Appleton & Co.1st 252Cloth 
The Friendly StarsMartha Evans Martin1907Harpers and Brothers Publishers1st 265Cloth 
The Friendly StarsMartha Evans Martin1907Harpers and Brothers Publishers1st 265Cloth 
The Galactic NovaeCecilia H. Payne-Gaposchkin1957North-Holland Publishing Company1st 336Cloth 
The Graphical Construction of Eclipses and OccultationsWilliam F. Rigge1924Loyola University Press1st 157Cloth 
The Great AstronomersHenry Smith Williams1930Simon and Schuster1st 618Cloth 
The Green Flash and Other Low Sun Phenomena
D. J. K. O'Connell, S. J.1958North-Holland Publishing Company1st 192Cloth 
The Handbook of the StarsRichard A. Proctor1866Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 91Cloth 
The HeavensAmedee Guillemin1871Richard Bentley2nd 432Quarter Leather 
The HeavensAmedee Guillemin1871Richard Bentley2nd 432ClothSecond copy.
The Heavens Above, A Popular Handbook of AstronomyJ. A. Gillet1882Potter, Ainsworth & Co.1st 405Cloth 
The Heavens and Their StoryAnnie S. D. Maunder1908Robert Culley1st 357Cloth 
The History of the TelescopeHenry C. King1979Dover  456Paper 
The Internal Constitution of the StarsArthur Stanley Eddington1930Cambridge University Press1st2nd407Cloth 
The Kinematics and Dynamics of M51Brent Tully1972 1st 121PaperUniversity of Maryland thesis. Handwritten note from the author included.
The Knowledge of the Heavens and the Earth made EasyIsaac Watts1726J. Clark and R. Hett, E Mathews and R. Ford1st 218Leather 
The Mariner 6 and 7 Pictures of MarsStewart A. Collins1971National Aeronautics and Space Administration1st 159Cloth 
The Mathematical and Philosophical Works of the Right Rev. John WilkinsJohn, Rev. Wilkins1802Vernor and Hood1st 521Quarter Leather 
The Milky WayBart Bok1946The Blakiston Company2nd 224ClothSecond copy.
The Milky WayBart Bok1976Harvard University Press4th 273PaperSigned by Bart Bok Co-authored by Priscilla Bok.
The Monster Telescopes, Erected by the Earl of Rosse, ParsonstownThomas Woods1845Shields and Son3rd 54Cloth 
The MoonEdmund Neison1876Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 576Cloth 
The Moon as Viewed by Lunar OrbiterL. J. Kosofsky1970U.S. Government Printing Office1st 152ClothNASA SP-200. 3D glasses included. Co-authored by Farouk El-Baz.
The Moon Considered as a Planet, a World, and a SatelliteJames Nasmyth1903John Murry4th 315Cloth 
The Moon: Her Motions, Aspect, Scenery, and Physical ConditionRichard A. Proctor1873Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 394ClothHas all three silver prints by Rutherford.
The Mythological Astronomy of the Ancients Demonstrated, By Restoring to Their Fables & Symbols Their Original MeaningsSampson Arnold Mackey1822R. Walker1st 148Paper 
The Nature of the Physical WorldArthur Stanley Eddington1929The MacMillan Company1st5th printing.361Cloth 
The Nature of Variable StarsPaul Willard Merrill1938The MacMillan Company1st 130Cloth 
The New American Grammar of the Elements of AstronomyJames Ryan1826Collins and Hannay2nd 375Leather 
The New American Grammar of the Elements of AstronomyJames Ryan1827Collins and Hannay3rd 375LeatherThe front hinge is cracked. Second copy.
The New AstronomySamuel Pierpont Langley1887Houghton Mifflin Company5th 260Cloth 
The New Canals of MarsPercival Lowell1910Astronomische Nachrichten1st 3PaperIncludes two plates. Reprint from Astronomische Nachrichten.
The Observational Approach to CosmologyEdwin Hubble1937Oxford at the Clarendon Press1st 68ClothSecond copy.
The Observational Approach to CosmologyEdwin Hubble1937Oxford at the Clarendon Press1st 68Cloth 
The Orb Around UsRichard A. Proctor1899Longmans, Green, and Co.2nd 336Cloth 
The Orbs of the HeavensOrmsby MacKnight Mitchell1851Office of the National Illustrated Library1st 302Cloth 
The Origin of MeteoritesF.A. Paneth1940Oxford University Press1st 26PaperHalley lecture delivered on 5/16/1940.
The Photographic Story of MarsEarl C. Slipher1962Sky Publishing Corporation1st 168ClothTipped in silver prints and a fold-out map.
The Pinpoint PlanetariumArmond N. Spitz1940Henry Holt and Company1st 132Cloth 
The Planet Jupiter The Observer's HandbookBertrand M. Peek1981Faber and Faber LTD2nd 240Cloth 
The Planet MarsGérard de Vaucouleurs1950Faber and Faber LTD1st 87ClothDust jacket present. Translated from the French by Patrick A. Moore
The Planet Saturn - A History of ObservationA. F. O'D Alexander1962Faber and Faber LTD1st 474Cloth 
The Planetarium and Astronomical CalculatorTobias Ostrander1832Office of the Western Argus, Lyons N.Y.1st 262Cloth 
The Planetarium and Astronomical CalculatorTobias Ostrander1832Office of the Western Argus, Lyons N.Y.1st 262PaperSecond copy.
The Planetary and Stellar WorldsOrmsby MacKnight Mitchell1874Albert Mason, Publisher  336Cloth 
The Planetary Scientist's CompanionKatharina Lodders1998Oxford University Press1st 371Paper 
The PlanetsHarold Urey1952Yale University Press1st 245ClothLarge fold-out map of the Moon attached before the index.
The Poetry of AstronomyRichard A. Proctor1880Longmans, Green, and Co.2nd 447Cloth 
The Realm of the NebulaeEdwin Hubble1936Yale University Press1st 210Cloth 
The Rittenhouse OrreryHoward C. Rice Jr.1954Princeton University Press1st 88Cloth 
The Rotation of the GalaxyArthur Stanley Eddington1930Oxford at the Clarendon Press1st 30PaperHalley lecture delivered on 5/30/1930.
The Scientific Writings of David RittenhouseBrooke Hindle1980ARNO Press1st 342Cloth 
The Sky MoviesGaylord Johnson1922The MacMillan Company1st 170Cloth 
The Solar Spectrum, 6600 to 13495 AngstromsHarold D. Babcock1947Carnegie Institution of Washington1st 95Paper 
The Solar SystemRev. Thomas Dick1846The Religious Tract Society1st 192Paper 
The Solar SystemPercival Lowell1903Houghton Mifflin Company1st 134Cloth 
The Solar System and Its OriginsHenry Norris Russell1935The MacMillan Company1st 143Cloth 
The Solar System, Volumes 1 and 2
Rev. Thomas Dick1846Lane & Tippett2nd 442Cloth 
The Spectroscope and Its ApplicationsNorman Lockyer1873Macmillan and Company1st 117Cloth 
The Spectroscope and Its WorkH. F. Newall1910Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge1st 163ClothEight B/W plates at the end of the book.
The Starry Heavens The Committee of General Literature and Education1851Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge  138Cloth 
The StarsGeorge F. Chambers1909Review of Reviews Company2nd 160Cloth 
The Stars and the EarthRev. Thomas Hill1882Lee and Shepard5th 88Cloth 
The Stars for SamW. Maxwell Reed1931Harcourt, Brace and Company1st 190Cloth 
The Stars in Song and LegendJermain G. Porter1901Ginn and Company1st 129Cloth 
The Stars In Their CoursesSir James H. Jeans1931The MacMillan Company1st 173Cloth 
The Stars of High LuminosityCecilia H. Payne1930McGraw-Hill Book Company1st 320Cloth 
The Story of the HeavensSir Robert Stawell Ball1905Cassell and Company, Ltd.2nd 568ClothIn two volumes. Has several tipped in silver prints.
The Story of the HeavensSir Robert Stawell Ball1913Cassell and Company, Ltd.3rd 568Paper14 part serial. Each serial has advertisements for cocoa and telescopes. The last serial has a note which says that the book is ready to be sent to the binder.
The Story of the MoonGarrett P. Serviss1928D. Appleton & Co.3rd 247Cloth 
The Story of the Solar SystemGeorge F. Chambers1898George Newnes, LTD.2nd 202Cloth 
The Story of the StarsGeorge F. Chambers1896George Newnes, LTD.2nd 192Cloth 
The Story of the SunSir Robert Stawell Ball1893Cassell and Company, Ltd.1st 376Leather 
The Storyland of StarsMara L. Pratt1892Educationl Publishing Company1st 165Quarter Cloth 
The Structure of the GalaxyLeo Goldberg (editor)1951University of Michigan Press  84Paper 
The SunRichard A. Proctor1871Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 480Half Leather 
The SunThomas William Webb1885Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 80Cloth 
The SunCharles Augustus Young1897D. Appleton & Co.4th 363Quarter Leather 
The SunR. A. Sampson1914Cambridge University Press1st 141Cloth 
The Sun and the Welfare of ManCharles Greeley Abbott1929Smithsonian Institution Series Inc.1st 322Cloth 
The Sun, The Stars And The UniverseWilliam Marshall Smart1928Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 291Cloth 
The Sun: Ruler, Fire, Light, and Life of the Planetary SystemRichard A. Proctor1871Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 440Cloth 
The System of the StarsAgnes Mary Clerke1890Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 424Cloth 
The TelescopeLouis Bell1922McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.1st6th impression287Cloth 
The Universe and the Coming TransitsRichard A. Proctor1874Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 303Cloth 
The Universe Around UsSir James H. Jeans1945Cambridge University Press4th 297Cloth 
The Universe of StarsHarlow Shapley (editor)1926Harvard Observatory1st 205ClothRadio talks from the Harvard Observatory. Front endpaer and flyleaf stained by acidic paper left inside the front cover.
The Universe of SunsRichard A. Proctor1884Chatto and Windus1st 401Cloth 
The View from the Center of the UniverseJoel R. Primack2006Riverhead Books1st 385Cloth 
The Visible UniverseJ. Ellard Gore1893Crosby Lockwood and Son1st 346Cloth 
The Visual Milky WaySergei Gaposchkin1960Pergamon Press  7Paper 
The Ways of the PlanetsMartha Evans Martin1915Chautauqua Press2nd 273Cloth 
The White Dwarf StarsEdward Arthur Milne1932Oxford at the Clarendon Press1st 32PaperHalley lecture delivered on 5/19/1932.
The Young AstronomerJohn S. C. Abbott1846Saxton and Miles1st 144Quarter Leather 
The Young Folks' AstronomyJohn D. Champlin Jr.1881Henry Holt and Company1st 236Cloth 
The Young Folk's Book of the HeavensMary Proctor1925Little, Brown, and Company1st 256Cloth 
Theoricae Novae PlanetarumGeorg von Peuerbach1581Coloniae Agrippinae : apud haeredes Arnoldi Birckmanni  256VellumLatin text.
There is Life on MarsThe Earl Nelson1956The Citadel Press1stFirst American edition152Cloth 
Thoughts on Some Important Points Relating to the System of the WorldJ. P. Nichol1846 1st 254Cloth 
Time and Tide, A Romance of the MoonSir Robert Stawell Ballcirca 1899Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge1st 192Cloth 
Time, Knowledge, and the NebulaeMartin Johnson1947Dover  189Cloth 
Total Eclipses Science, Observations, Myths and LegendsPierre Guillermier1999Springer-Verlag1st 247Paper 
Traité D'astronomie ÉlémentaireDr. Th. Olivier1870Vve H. Casterman  216Quarter Leather 
Traite Elementaire D'Astronomie PhysiqueJ. B. Biot1805Chez Bernard1st 582Half Leather 
Treatise on AstronomyRobert Woodhouse1821J. Smith2nd 875Leather 
Uncovering the Secrets of the Red PlanetPaul Raeburn1998National Geographic Society1st 231ClothWith dust jacket and 3D glasses (2 pair).
Uranography; or, A Description of the Heaven;: Designed for Academies and Schools; Accompanied by an Atlas of the HeavensOtis Kendall1849E. H. Butler & Co.3rd 365Quarter LeatherSome cracking to the spine.
Variable StarsCecilia H. Payne-Gaposchkin1938Harvard Observatory1st 382Cloth 
Variable StarsMichel Petit1987John Wiley & Sons2nd 257Casewrap 
VenusDonald M. Hunten (editor)1983The University of Arizona Press1st 1141Casewrap 
Venus IIS. W. Bougher (editor)1997The University of Arizona Press1st 1362Casewrap 
Versuch Eines Lehrbuchs der Astronomie für VolksschulenJohann Christoph Möller1817   229CasewrapAstronomy textbook for elementary schools.
Views of the Architecture of the HeavensJ. P. Nichol1837 1st 226Half Leather 
Viking Orbiter Views of MarsCary R. Spitzer1980National Aeronautics and Space Administration1st 182ClothHas a stereo viewer included.
Visual Brightness and Form of the Magellanic CloudsSergei Gaposchkin1958The Irish Astronomical Journal  3Paper 
Vollständige Erklärung des Calenders mit einem fastlichen Unterricht über die HimmelskörperE. Ludwig Walz1830Johann Ritter und Comp.1st 315LeatherThe two folding plates facing pages 78 and 144 are missing. Front flyleaf is torn. The translation of the title is "Complete explanation of the calendar, with a comprehensible lesson about the celestial bodies". The author was a Lutheran minister of Hamburg, Berks County, PA.
Vorlesungen über die AstronomieHeinrich Wilhelm Brandes1827G. F. Gofden1st 255Casewrap 
Worlds Without EndSir Harold Spencer Jones1935The MacMillan Company1st 329Cloth 
Y Bydoedd UwchbeCaradoc Mills1914P. Jones-Roberts  174ClothWelsh language.
Youth's Book of AstronomyJ. L. Comstock1835William Peirce1st 136Cloth 
Zones of StarsRear-Admiral B. F. Sands1872Government Printing Office1st 271ClothMeridian transit observations for 1846, 1847, 1848, and 1849

Astronomy - Archeoastronomy (6 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A Further Account of The Rise and Progress of Astronomy Amongst the Ancients, in Three Letters to Martin Folkes, Esq; President of the Royal SocietyGeorge Costard1758Richard Clements1st 163LeatherA follow-up to an earlier book published in 1746. This volume has been rebacked.
Astralmythen der Hebraeer, Babylonier und AegypterEduard Stucken1901Verlag von Eduard Pfeiffer1st 430Quarter LeatherParts 1 through 4.
Astralmythen der Hebraeer, Babylonier und AegypterEduard Stucken1907Verlag von Eduard Pfeiffer1st 657Quarter ClothPart 5.
Our Inheritance in the Great PyramidC. Piazzi Smyth1890Charles Burnet & Co.5th 452ClothDiscusses the relationships of the pyramids with astronomy.
The Dawn of AstronomyNorman Lockyer1964The MIT Press1st 432Paper 
Translation of the Surya-SiddhantaRev. Ebenezer Burgess1978Wizard Press1st 506Cloth 

Astronomy - Atlases and Star Finders (113 Titles)

Atlas and Star Finder Index (Use the following buttons to navigate through the atlas and star finder titles. Use the Back button to get back to this menu.)
TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A Celestial AtlasAlexander Jamieson1822G. & W. B. Whittaker2nd 64Half Leather30 plates. The top four inches of the spine is cracked. The front flyleaf is wrinkled.
A Guide to the ConstellationsSamuel G. Barton1928McGraw-Hill Book Company1st 74ClothDuplicate book that was withdrawn from the Library of Congress.
A New Popular Star Atlas
R. M. G. Inglis1958Gall and Inglis3rd 33Cloth 
A New Star Atlas
Richard A. Proctor1870Longmans, Green, and Co.1st 21ClothThis is the first edition with the colored maps. It is a large folio volume.
A New Star AtlasRichard A. Proctor1882Longmans, Green, and Co.9th 27Cloth14 star charts.
A New Star AtlasRichard A. Proctor1889Longmans, Green, and Co.15th 27ClothSecond copy.
A Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way. Parts I & II.Edward Emerson Barnard1927Carnegie Institution of Washington1st 406ClothTwo paperback reprints titled "Catalog of 349 Dark Objects in the Sky" are also included with this atlas. The atlas once belonged to the astronomer John Charles Duncan and all four items has his signature on them. Part I was compiled by Edwin B. Frost and Mary R. Calvert. Part II was written and compiled by Edwin B. Frost and Mary R. Calvert.
A Popular Guide to the HeavensSir Robert Stawell Ball1925George Philip & Son, Ltd.4th 84Cloth83 plates.
A Popular Handbook and Atlas of AstronomyWilliam G. Peck1890Gall and Inglis1st 176ClothFront and rear hinges cracked. Loose binding.
A Second Atlas of Objective-Prism SpectraNancy Houk1984The University of Michigan Press1st 32Unbound 
An Atlas of AstronomySir Robert Stawell Ball1892D. Appleton & Co.1st 55ClothThe atlas contains 72 lithographed plates. American edition. The atlas will lay open but it is not very loose. There is a scuff mark to the back cover and some wear on the head and tail of the spine.
An Atlas of Low-Dispersion Grating Stellar SpectraH. A. Abt1968The University of Michigan Press1st 15Unbound 
An Atlas of Objective-Prism SpectraNancy Houk1974The University of Michigan Press1st 14Unbound 
An Easy Guide To Southern StarsMary Acworth Orrcirca 1911Gall and Inglis3rd 13Paper 
An Easy Guide to the Constellations with a Star AtlasJ. Gall Ingliscirca 1900Gall and Inglis  85Cloth 
Astronomy by ObservationEliza A. Bowen1890American Book Company2nd 94Quarter Cloth 
Atlante Astronomico
Giuseppe Naccari1935Francesco Vallardi3rd 136Cloth 
Atlas BorealisAntonín Bečvář1978Sky Publishing Corporation2nd 24Paper 
Atlas Céleste de FlamsteedJean Nicolas Fortin (editor)1776F.G. Deschamps & l'Auteur2nd 40Quarter Leather30 copper plate star charts and one hand drawn chart. A previous owners signature is on the title page.
Atlas der HimmelskundeAmand Freiherr v. von Schweiger-Lerchenfeld1898A. Hartleben's Verlag1st 259ClothGerman language. 62 plates. A fantastic 19th century coffee table book.
Atlas des gestirnten Himmels für Freunde der Astronomie
Joseph Johann von Littrow1866von Gustav Weise3rd 64Quarter Cloth64 numbered pages and 19 plates. This edition was edited by the author's son.
Atlas Designed to Illustrate Burritt's Geography of the HeavensHiram Mattison1856Sheldon and Company1st 20PaperBinding has come apart. This was the first edition published by Hiram Mattison after the death of Burritt in 1838.
Atlas Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the HeavensElijah Hinsdale Burritt1833F. J. Huntington2nd 8PaperWater stained and a two inch tear in each page. Explicitly states second edition on the cover. Apparently, the first and second editions were in the same year.
Atlas Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the HeavensElijah Hinsdale Burritt1835Huntington and Savage3rd 10PaperIn very finet condition. Some foxing and a couple of chips to the cover.
Atlas Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the HeavensElijah Hinsdale Burritt1835Huntington and Savage3rd 10PaperWater stained and soiled.
Atlas Eclipticalis 1950.0Antonín Bečvář1958Nakl. Ceskoslovenské akademie ved1st 33Cloth 
Atlas of AstronomyAlex. Kieth Johnston1855William Blackwood and Sons1st 16Quarter Leather 
Atlas of MarsR. M. Batson1979National Aeronautics and Space Administration1st 146Cloth 
Atlas of the HeavensOtis Kendall1855E. H. Butler & Co.5th 35Quarter ClothIn excellent condition.
Atlas of the Heavens - Atlas Coeli 1950.0Antonín Bečvář1962Sky Publishing Corporation4th 33Cloth 
Atlas of the Heavens-II Catalogue 1950.0Antonín Bečvář1964Sky Publishing Corporation4th 369Cloth 
Bilderatlas der Sternenwelt
Edmund Weiß1892Schreiber2nd 52Cloth 
Card Planispheres: A Collector's Guide
Peter Grimwood2018Orreries UK1st 84Paper 
Della Sfera del Mondo. Delle Stelle Fisse.Alessandro Piccolomini1552Nicolo de Bascarini3rd 270VellumItalian language. Contains 47 woodcut star maps. This work is often considered to be the first true star atlas to appear in the West. Provenance: Giovanni Andrea Fasano, priest at Sant' Angelo dei Lom bardi, convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie (17th century title inscription) and another priest of the same convent (inscription on title verso, presumably his extensive notes on saying mass on endpapers) some contemporary and later annotations. This atlas was purchased through Christies in London.
Der Himmel Im Bild ein Astronomischer BilderatlasDr. Peter Paul Stuker1927Franckh'sche Verlagshandlung2nd 103Cloth 
Die Milchstrasse und die Kosmischen Nebel
Max Wolf1925Die Sterne1st 16Paper 
Easy Guide to the ConstellationsRev. James Gall1865George Philip & Son  65ClothGeorge Philips & Son label pasted over Gall & Inglis.
El Cielo En España anonymous1923Talleres del Instituto Geograpfico Madrid  30Paper 
Electro Astronomical AtlasJoseph W Spoor1874Weed Parsons and Company, Publishers1st 96Cloth 
Find the ConstellationsH. A. Rey1982Houghton Mifflin Company6th38th printing72PaperThis book was probably printed around 1997 since it tabulates planet positions for 1997 through 2006.
Geologic Maps of the Taurus-Littrow Region of the Moon, Apollo 17 Pre-mission MapsDavid H. Scott1972US Geological Survey1st 4UnboundFolded maps held in an envelope.
Griffith Observatory Astrorama anonymous1937Griffith Observatory1st 1Unbound 
Griffith Observatory Astrorama
anonymouscirca 1950Griffith Observatory  1Unbound 
Half-Hours With The StarsRichard A. Proctor1875G. P. Putnam's Sons6th 46Cloth 
Half-Hours With the StarsRichard A. Proctor1911G. P. Putnam's Sons14th9th impression?39Quarter Cloth 
Hammett's Planisphere
anonymouscirca 1920J. L. Hammett Company  1Unbound 
Hammett's Planisphere
anonymouscirca 1920J. L. Hammett Company  1UnboundRemnants of the original envelope are included. The planisphere is in mint condition. This planisphere has the blue background.
Hammond's Handy Star FinderCommander S. E. Stubbscirca 1935C. S. Hammond & Company, Inc.  1UnboundIn original envelope with NRA (Nation Recovery Act) emblem. The envelope is torn.
Hammond's Handy Star Finder, Astronomy Made EasyCommander S. E. Stubbs1947C. S. Hammond & Company, Inc.  3Paper 
Handbook of the ConstellationsHans Vehrenberg1970Treugesell-Verlag1st 195Cloth 
Himmels-Atlas in Transparenten KartenFriedrich Brauncirca 1860Verlag v. Wilh. Nitzschke   Cloth30 constellation cards and one northern star chart. Missing the booklet. Water stains to the cover and tears to the spine.
How to Find the StarsJames Freeman Clarke1878D. C. Heath & Company  47Paper1902 printing.
Hutchinson's Splendour of the HeavensRev. T. E. R. Phillipscirca 1925Hutchinson & Co.  980ClothVolumes I and II.
anonymouscirca 1935Franckh  1UnboundThe envelope is present but no booklet or planet tables are present.
Walter Widmann (editor)1959Franckh  16UnboundEnvelope, booklet, and planet tables are included with the planisphere.
Lehrbuch der Kosmischen Physik /Atlas zum Lehrbuch der Kosmischen PhysikJohann Heinrich Jacob Müller1875Braunschweig, Friedrich Vieweg und Sohn4th 851Quarter LeatherGerman language. The book has 431 illustrations and 25 plates. The atlas has 46 plates.
Luminous Star Finder Hubbard Scientific Company1970Hubbard Scientific Company  1Unbound 
Lunar AtlasDinsmore Alter1964Dover  343Paper 
Maier's Drehbare Sternkarte
anonymouscirca 1980Otto Maier  20Unbound 
Mang's Drehbare Sternkarte
Adolf Mangcirca 1908Adolf Mang: Geographisch-Astronomischer1st 1UnboundThere is a break in the maroon colored ring near the top of the planisphere. The planisphere is also slightly warped.
Mapa Severni Oblohy
anonymouscirca 1950Stefanik Observatory1st 1Unbound 
Moon AtlasV. A. Firsoff1961Viking Press1st232ClothTwo large foldout moon maps. Bottom one inch of the spine is torn.
Norton's Star AtlasArthur P. Norton1921Gall and Inglis3rd 32Cloth16 charts.
Norton's Star AtlasArthur P. Norton1973Sky Publishing Corporation16th 116Cloth18 maps.
Our Stellar Universe. Stereoscopic Star Charts and Spectroscopic Key MapsThomas Edward Heath1905King, Sell, & Olding, LTD.1st 26ClothSix pages of tables, 26 star charts and 26 stereocards. All of the stereocards are present. There is a star finder card inserted in the back cover that is probably not part of the publication.
Philips' Planisphere Showing the Principal Stars Visible Every Hour in the Year anonymouscirca 1900George Philip & Son, Ltd.  2Unbound 
Planisphère Céleste Mobile
Camille Flammarioncirca 1915G. Thomas, Editeur Géographe  1Unbound 
Pocket Astronomy and Pocket Planisphere
E. A. Skinner1893Educational Novelty Company  32PaperThe envelope has been chewed by mice and is soiled.
SDUK Star Charts and Explanation Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge1844Chapman & Hall1st6th impression.7UnboundSix folio sized star charts that are hand water colored with an explanation page. Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Engraved by J. & C. Walker.
Skalnate Pleso Atlas of the Heavens 1950.0Antonín Bečvář1969Sky Publishing Corporation5th 17Unbound 
Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky AtlasRoger W. Sinnott2006Sky Publishing Corporation  24Paper84 star charts. This was an early bird registration gift that I received when I registered for the 236th AAS conference.
Sky Challenger
Bud Wentz1978University of California Publications1st 6Unbound 
SkyAtlas 2000Wil Tirion1998Cambridge University Press2nd 30SoftcoverSpiral bound in soft plastic covers.
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Atlas Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory1969The MIT Press1st 152UnboundBoxed set of 152 star charts.
Splendour of the HeavensRev. T. E. R. Phillips1925Robert M. McBride & Company1st 448ClothVolume 1 of 2.
Star and Satellite Path Finder anonymous1957Anchor Optical Co.  12PaperPrevious owner's name embossed on the cover of the instruction booklet. Star finder and booklet are in unused condition.
Star AtlasDr. Hermann J. Klein1888Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge1st 72ClothTranslated from German by Edmund McClure. Contains 18 maps.
Star AtlasWinslow Upton1896Ginn and Company1st 46ClothSecond copy. Some red pencil marks.
Star AtlasWinslow Upton1896Ginn and Company1st 46Cloth 
Star ExplorerDr. Hugh S. Rice1958American Museum-Hayden Planetarium5th11Unbound 
Star GroupsJ. Ellard Gore1891Crosby Lockwood and Son1st 115ClothAbout 115 unnumbered pages with 30 star maps.
Star Maps 1918Walter B. Blaikie, LL.D.1918Scottish Provident Institution1st 26Paper 
Star Maps 1919Walter B. Blaikie, LL.D.1919Scottish Provident Institution1st 26Paper 
Star Maps for Beginners
L. M. Levitt1942Franklin Institute1st 33Paper 
Star Maps for BeginnersL. M. Levitt1946Franklin Institute5th 33Paper 
Star-Gazers Hand-BookHenry W. Elson1909Sturgis & Walton Company2nd 55Cloth 
Stern - Atlas IDr. Peter Paul Stuker1924Franckh'sche Verlagshandlung1st 48PaperOverlays included. -30 to +30 Declination.
Stern - Atlas IIDr. Peter Paul Stuker1925Franckh'sche Verlagshandlung1st 32Paper+30 to +90 Declination. Overlay missing.
Stern - Atlas IIIDr. Peter Paul Stuker1926Franckh'sche Verlagshandlung1st 25PaperOverlay included. -30 to -90 Declination.
Max Beyer1925Kasimir Graff1st 29Unbound27 large northern hemsiphere charts showing stars down to the 9th magnitude. Some of the charts have small tears along the edges. The title page is soiled.
Sternbilder-BuchJan Daniel Georgens1858Zamarski, Dittmarsch & Comp1st 78Half ClothRebound in half cloth binding. Minor tears on a couple of pages mended with tape.
Stern-Karten nebst Sternfinder für Seeleute und Reisende Sowie alle Freunde des SternenhimmelsJulius Bortfeld1906L. V. Vangerow2nd 4PaperEnglish translation of the title is: "Star Cards and Star Finders for Seafarers and Travelers as Well as all Friends of the Starry Sky"
Tabulae Caelestes Himmels AtlasP. Götz1909Ed. Gaebler's Geographisches Institut2nd 20Cloth 
The AAVSO Variable Star AtlasCharles E. Scovil1980Sky Publishing Corporation1st 178UnboundBoxed set of star charts. The box corners are torn and have been reglued.
The Astro Quest Star Finder
Albert Heppe1970Glen Ellen Scientific1st 7UnboundUnopened package.
The Astro Quest Star Finder
Albert Heppe1970Glen Ellen Scientific1st 7UnboundOpened package.
The Barritt-Serviss Star and Planet Finder
Leon Barrittcirca 1955Leon Barritt  1UnboundSome of the brass thumb tacks have been replaced.
The Bowl of Night
Farquhar Transparent Globes1982Farquhar Transparent Globes   UnboundThe outer globe has some scratches. The plastic stand is missing.
The CosmosphereCarl Sagan1981Carl Sagan Productions Inc.1st 18PaperThe planisphere is made of metal and bowl shaped with a plastic movable disc that is also bowl shaped. The red plastic wrapper for the planisphere is missing. The box has tape on one end to keep the flap closed.
The Large Magellanic CloudPaul W. Hodge1967Smithsonian Press1st 168Unbound168 photographic charts of the Large Magellanic Cloud.
The MoonWilliam H. Pickering1903Doubleday, Page & Company1st 103Cloth 
The MoonWilliam H. Pickering1904Doubleday, Page & Company2nd 103ClothWater stain on front cover. Tape repairs to the front flyleaf. 100 illustrations. This atlas was produced while the author was at the Woodlawn Observatory, located at Mandeville Jamaica. That observatory was established by the Harvard Observatory to observe the asteroid Eros in an attempt to determine the size of the Earth's orbit. The observations of Eros did not turn out as hoped, and this lunar atlas was an attempt to salvage the expedition.
The Observer's Planisphere of Air Navigation Stars
Francis Chichester1942George Allen & Unwin1st 1Paper 
The Pathfinder Star Maps
Edward Skinner King1941The Cosmos Press, Inc.3rd615PaperThree pages of text and 12 star maps.
The People's Atlas of the Stars with Key MapsRev. James Gall1867Gall and Inglis4th 8PaperCompanion to the "Easy Guide to the Constellations". This atlas has four star maps.
The Pocket Planisphere
Francis Chichestercirca 1943George Allen & Unwin1st 4Hardbound 
The Star FinderHenry M. Neely1943Smith & Durrell, Inc.1st 46CasewrapThe spine is missing but the covers are still attached (hinges are cracked). The charts in this book were intended to be cut out.
The Stella Pocket Direction Finder for Southern and Northern Observers
Clare Mowbray Butler Van Homrigh1943S. A. Best PTY, LTD.1st 16PaperRusty staples in the binding.
The Twentieth Century Atlas of Popular AstronomyThomas Heath1903Frederick A. Stokes Company1st 126ClothMany color lithographs. Plates 1 and 2 are detached but still present. Several other plates are beginning to separate from the book.
The Universal Star FinderW. J. Lockwood1929The Star Finder Co.  2UnboundThere is a sticker from the C. S. Hammond & Co. on the front of the star finder.
Trilogy of Time
Paul R. MacAlister1976Paul MacAlister & Associates1st 30PaperThe Trilogy of Time consists of four different instrument models made from gilded cardboard cutouts that one would assemble and use. Each instrument came with its own instruction manual. These models could have been purchased separately but here I have all four of them in the manufacturer's shipping envelope. The astrolabe was published in 1974, while the three remaining instruments were published in 1976. The postmark on the envelope is 1977.
True Visual Magnitude Photographic Star AtlasChristos Papadopoulos1979Pergamon Press1st 456ClothThree volumes. Volume 1 - southern stars. Volume 2 - equatorial stars. Volume 3 - northern stars. 456 photographs; 15 overlay grids, 3 working boards, 2 eyepiece fields. This is a very large atlas, weighting in at 17 kilograms (37.5 pounds).
Звездный Атлас для Небесных Наблюдений (Star Atlas for Celestial Observations)Jacob Messer1901K. L. Rikkera3rd 260ClothRussian language. 26 folded charts attached to the text and 2 large folded maps on the inside of the back cover.

Astronomy - Computational (15 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Astronomical AlgorithmsJean Meeus2005Willmann-Bell, Inc.2nd4th printing477Casewrap 
Astronomy with your Personal ComputerPeter Duffett-Smith1988Cambridge University Press2nd2nd printing256Paper 
Astrophysics with a PCPaul Hellings1994Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st1st printing260Paper 
Mathematical Astronomy MorselsJean Meeus2000Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st2nd printing379Casewrap 
Mathematical Astronomy Morsels IIIJean Meeus2004Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st 374Casewrap 
Mathematical Astronomy Morsels IVJean Meeus2007Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st 373Casewrap 
Mathematical Astronomy with a Pocket CalculatorAubrey Jones FRAS1978John Wiley & Sons1st 254Cloth 
Methods of Orbit Determination for the MicrocomputerDan Boulet1991Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st 565Casewrap 
Microcomputer Control of TelescopesMark Trueblood1985Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st2nd printing377Paper 
Microcomputers in AstronomyRussell M. Genet (editor)1983Fairborn Observatory1st 253Paper 
Microcomputers in Astronomy IIRussell M. Genet (editor)1984Fairborn Observatory1st 219Paper 
More Mathematical Astronomy MorselsJean Meeus2002Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st 429Casewrap 
Orbits for Amateurs with a MicrocomputerD. Tattersfield1984Halsted Press1st2nd printing171Cloth 
Practical Astronomy with your CalculatorPeter Duffett-Smith1982Cambridge University Press2nd3rd printing188Paper 
Telescope ControlMark Trueblood1997Willmann-Bell, Inc.2nd3rd printing561Casewrap 

Astronomy - Mythology (6 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
C. Iulii Hygini, Augusti Liberti, Fabularum Liber, Ad Omnium Poetarum Lectionem Mire Necessarius, & nunc denuò excusus. Eiusdem Poeticon Astronomicon, Libri quatuor.Jacobus Micyllus (editor)1570Heruagiana  276VellumLatin language. Originally published in 1535. 251 numbered pages and 25 index pages. The front and rear flyleafs have portions missing. The title page and a few other pages from the front and end of the text block are missing the bottom corners. The vellum on the spine is torn. The clasps are missing. The top and bottom one inch of the spine is missing. Contributions by C Julius Hyginus; Lucius Annaeus Cornutus; Jakob Moltzer; Eusebius Episcopius; Albricus, philosophus; Aratus, Solensis.; Proclus; Palaephatus.; Fabius Planciades Fulgentius; Officina Hervagiana.
Eratosthenis Catasterismi Eratosthenes1795Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht  138HardboundCommentary by Conrad Schaubach.
Histoire du CielNoël-Antoine Pluche1757Chez les Freres Estienne14th 1033LeatherThese two volumes were once owned by Charles Messeir. The covers have his monogram and both volumes have is bookplate.
Star Lore of All AgesWilliam Tyler Olcott1911G. P. Putnam's Sons1st 453Cloth 
Star StoriesAnthony Aveni2019Yale University Press1st 194Hardbound 
Star TalesIan Ridpath1988Universe Books  161Cloth 

Astronomy - Observing Guides (22 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A Guide to the Sky
Ernest Agar Beet1945Cambridge University Press2nd395ClothThis book was published exclusively for the British military personnel and was not sold in bookstores. This copy came from the library at the Seletar Royal Air Force station in Singapore.
A User's Guide to the LXD55 and LXD75 TelescopesMartin Peston2007Springer-Verlag1st 254PaperA gift from the author who used several of my planetary images in theis book.
Astronomy A HandbookG. D. Roth (editor)1975Sky Publishing Corporation2nd 567Paper 
Astronomy with the Naked EyeGarrett P. Serviss1908Harpers and Brothers Publishers1st 247ClothThis volume is water stained and the spine is falling off. I do not know when this was acquired. It was probably purchased around 2000.
Astronomy with the Naked Eye
Garrett P. Serviss1908Harpers and Brothers Publishers1st 247ClothThis volume is in very good condition.
Burnham's Celestial Handbook (Volumes 1,2,3)Robert Burnham Jr.1978Dover2nd 2138PaperIn three volumes
Light Pollution Responses and RemediesBob Mizon2002Springer-Verlag1st 216Paper 
Lunar and Planetary Webcam User's GuideMarten Mobberley2006Springer-Verlag1st 229Paper 
Observing CometsNick James2003Springer-Verlag1st 234Paper 
Practical Amateur SpectroscopyStephen F. Tonkin (editor)2002Springer-Verlag1st 210Paper 
Real Astronomy with Small TelescopesMichael K. Grainer2007Springer-Verlag1st 148Paper 
Solar Observing TechniquesChristopher R. Kitchin2002Springer-Verlag1st 218Paper 
Telescopes and TechniquesChristopher R. Kitchin1995Springer-Verlag1st 204Paper 
The Art and Science of CCD AstronomyDavid Ratlidge (editor)1997Springer-Verlag1st 178Paper 
The Southern Hemisphere Constellations and How to Find Them
William G. Peckcirca 1911Gall and Inglis  28Cloth 
The Sun in EclipseMichael Maunder1998Springer-Verlag1st 211Paper 
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer's Handbook Volume 1 Double StarsKenneth Glyn Jones (editor)1975Enslow Publishers1st 120PaperFirst American edition.
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer's Handbook Volume 1 Double StarsKenneth Glyn Jones (editor)1986Enslow Publishers2nd 165Paper 
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer's Handbook Volume 2 Planetary and Gaseous NebulaeKenneth Glyn Jones (editor)1978Enslow Publishers1st 149PaperFirst American edition.
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer's Handbook Volume 5 Clusters of GalaxiesKenneth Glyn Jones (editor)1982Enslow Publishers1st 241PaperFirst American edition.
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer's Handbook Volume 6 Anonymous GalaxiesKenneth Glyn Jones (editor)1987Enslow Publishers1st 137PaperFirst American edition.
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer's Handbook Volume 7 The Southern SkyKenneth Glyn Jones (editor)1987Enslow Publishers1st 197LeatherFirst American edition.

Astronomy - Periodicals (6 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College - A Heterochomatic Study of the Pleiades, Volume: 89, Number: 2Cecilia H. Payne1932Harvard Observatory  17Paper"Discarded" printed on the cover.
Publications of the American Astronomical Society - Forty-Sixth Meeting September 7-9, 1931, Volume: 7, Number: 2Raymond Dugan (editor)1931American Astronomical Society  86Paper 
Publications of the American Astronomical Society - Seventieth Meeting Cambridge Massachusetts May 28-30, 1943, Volume: 10, Number: 8Dean B. McLaughlin (editor)1944American Astronomical Society  35Paper 
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume: IX, Number: 54 - 59  1897Astronomical Society of the Pacific1st 255Half LeatherSilver print of Jupiter on page 174 of Volume IX. Volume X bound with volume IX.
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume: X, Number: 60 - 64  1898Astronomical Society of the Pacific  263Half LeatherBound with volume IX.
The Mentor - New Marvels of Astronomy, Volume: 9, Number: 9Garrett P. Serviss1921The Crowell Publishing Company  40PaperGift from a friend. The Mentor was a monthly periodical that featured articles on literature, history, science, nature, art, music and travel. The magazine was published from about 1913 through 1931. This issue focused on astronomy.

Astronomy - Stereo Cards (26 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Ein Veränderlicher SternMax Wolfcirca 1913von Johann Ambrosius Barth  1UnboundStereo card of a variable star from the set of 12 stereo cards "Stereoskop Bilder vom Stern Himmel, 1.Serie" by Max Wolf.
First Quarter Moon Stereoview E. & H. T. Anthony & Co.circa 1880E. & H. T. Anthony & Co.   Unbound 
Five Astronomical Stereoviews
anonymouscirca 1920    UnboundThe set contains images of M31, Starfield (asteroid?), Orion Nebula, Sunspots, and Jupiter.
Full Moon StereoviewS. F. Adamscirca 1880S. F. Adams   Unbound 
Full Moon Stereoview C. Bierstadt Publisherscirca 1897C. Bierstadt Publishers   Unbound 
Full Moon Stereoview C. Bierstadt Publisherscirca 1897C. Bierstadt Publishers   UnboundDistributed by Underwood & Underwood. Creased.
Lick Observatory StereoviewB. W. Kilburn1895B. W. Kilburn   UnboundAlbumen print.
Saturn im Sternbild des SchlangenträgerC. Pulfrich1900Carl Zeiss, Jena  1UnboundSaturn in the constellation of the serpent bearer. Based on recordings by M. Wolf. Compiled in June 1900 by C. Pulfrich, Jena.
Stereoview First Quarter MoonB. W. Kilburn1895B. W. Kilburn    Albumen print.
Stereoview Full Moon Kilburn Brotherscirca 1880Kilburn Brothers   UnboundAlbumen print.
Stereoview Full Moon Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound 
Stereoview Lick 36 Inch Telescope anonymous1910Keystone View Company   Unbound 
Stereoview Mars Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound2nd copy.
Stereoview Mars Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   UnboundSilver prints are faded.
Stereoview Meteor in Orion Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound3rd copy.
Stereoview Meteor in Orion Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound 
Stereoview Meteor in Orion Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound2nd copy.
Stereoview Morehouse Comet Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound 
Stereoview Saturn Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound 
Stereoview Saturn Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound2nd copy.
Stereoview Sun Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound 
Stereoview Sun Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound2nd copy.
Stereoview Sun Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound3rd copy.
Stereoview Uranus Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound3rd copy.
Stereoview Uranus Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound 
Stereoview Uranus Keystone View Companycirca 1910Keystone View Company   Unbound2nd copy.

Astronomy - Telescope Making (26 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A Manual for Telescope MakersKarine Lecleire2003Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st 299Casewrap 
Advanced Telescope Making Techniques, Volume 1 OpticsAllan Mackintosh2000Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st 343Casewrap 
Advanced Telescope Making Techniques, Volume 2 MechanicalAllan Mackintosh2000Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st 343Casewrap 
Amateur Telescope Maker's Guide to Setting up a Home Optics ShopRobert Piekiel2011Lulu Publishing1st 210Paper 
Amateur Telescope MakingStephen F. Tonkin2004Springer1st5th printing259Paper 
Amateur Telescope Making Book OneAlbert Ingalls1976Scientific American4th22nd printing510Cloth 
Amateur Telescope Making Book ThreeAlbert Ingalls1977Scientific American1st9th printing646Cloth 
Amateur Telescope Making Book TwoAlbert Ingalls1978Scientific American1st17th printing650Cloth 
CCD AstronomyChristian Buil1991Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st 321Casewrap 
Constructing an Astronomical TelescopeG. Matthewson1957Philosophical Library2nd3rd printing100Cloth 
Frank's Book of the TelescopeArthur Frank1958Pollock Bros. & Co.1st 132ClothFolded diagram included.
How and Why to Make a User-Friendly Sidewalk TelescopeJohn L. Dobson1991Everything in the Universe1st 165Quarter ClothPlywood boards for the front and rear covers.
How to Make a telescopeJean Texereau1984Willmann-Bell, Inc.2nd  Casewrap 
How to Make and Use a TelescopeH. Percy Wilkins1956W. W. Norton & Company1st1st US edition196Cloth 
Making a Refractor TelescopeNorman Remer2006Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st 391Casewrap 
Making Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope OpticsRobert Piekiel2010Lulu Publishing1st 320Paper 
Making Your Own TelescopeAllyn J. Thompson1954Sky Publishing Corporation1st4th printing.211Cloth 
New Generation Small TelescopesDonald S. Hayes1987Fairborn Observatory1st 441Paper 
Optical Shop TestingDaniel Malacara1978John Wiley & Sons1st2nd printing523Cloth 
Robotic ObservatoriesRussell M. Genet1989AutoScope Corporation1st 292Casewrap 
Standard Handbook for Telescope MakingN. E. Howard1959Thomas Y. Crowell Company1st 326Cloth 
Star Testing Astronomical TelescopesHarold Richard Suiter2003Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st6th printing364Casewrap 
Telescope OpticsHarrie G. Rutten2002Willmann-Bell, Inc.1st5th printing398Casewrap 
Testing and Evaluating the Optics of Schmidt-Cassegrain TelescopesRobert Piekiel2008Lulu Publishing1st 256Paper 
The SpectrohelioscopeFredrick N. Veio1991 1st 84Paper 
Tips for Making Optical FlatsRobert Piekiel2011Lulu Publishing1st 68Paper 

Astronomy History (85 Titles)

Astronomy History Index (Use the following buttons to navigate through the astronomy history titles. Use the Back button to get back to this menu.)
TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A History of Astronomy From Thales to KeplerJ. L. E. Dreyer1953Dover2nd 438Paper 
A Man Who Loved the Stars: The Autobiography of John A. BrashearJohn A. Brashear1988University of Pittsburgh Press2nd 190PaperReprint of the 1924 edition that was published by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
A More Perfect HeavenDava Sobel2011Walker & Company1st 273Cloth"Withdawn" stamped on the front flyleaf.
A Short History of AstronomyArthur Berry1961Dover  440Paper 
Alvan Clark & Sons, Artists in OpticsDeborah Jean Warner1968Smithsonian Press1st 120Cloth 
American AstronomyJohn Lankford1997The University of Chicago Press1st 447Cloth 
Astronomers of TodayHector Macpherson, Junior1905Gall and Inglis1st 261ClothPresentation copy to Percival Lowell. Front hinge is cracked.
Astronomia NovaJohannes Kepler2015Green Lion Press2nd 527Paper 
Astronomical Atlases, Maps,& ChartsBasil John Wait Brown1932Search Publishing Company1st 200Cloth 
Astronomy and History Selected EssaysOtto Eduard Neugebauer1983Springer-Verlag1st 538Paper 
Big and Bright: A History of the McDonald ObservatoryDavid S. Evans1986University of Texas Press1st 186Paper 
Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin An Autobiography and Other RecollectionsCecilia H. Payne-Gaposchkin1984Cambridge University Press1st 269Cloth 
Celestial Atlas: A Journey in the Sky through MapsElena Percivaldi2018VMB Publishers2nd 207CasewrapEnglish translation of the original Italian edition.
Celestial Atlases A-KRobert W. McNaught2018Lulu7th 270Casewrap 
Celestial Atlases L-ZRobert W. McNaught2018Lulu7th 262Casewrap 
Celestial Charts: Antique Maps of the HeavensCarole Stott1995Studio Editions Ltd.2nd 128Cloth 
Celestial Teasury: From the Music of the Spheres to the Conquest of Space
Marc Lachieze-Rey2001Cambridge University Press1st 207ClothFirst English edition. Dust jacket has a few chips and creases. Translated to English by Joe Laredo.
Clyde Tombaugh Discoverer of Planet PlutoDavid H. Levy1991The University of Arizona Press1st 211Cloth 
Clyde Tombaugh Discoverer of Planet PlutoDavid H. Levy1991The University of Arizona Press1st 211PaperSigned by Clyde Tombaugh. Gift from a friend.
CometCarl Sagan1985Random House1st2396Cloth 
Comets A Chonological History of Observation, Science, Myth, and FolkloreDonald K. Yeomans1991John Wiley & Sons, Inc.1st 485Cloth 
CosmosCarl Sagan1980Random House1st1365Cloth 
David Gill Man and AstronomerGeorge Forbes1916John Murry1st 418Cloth 
Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World SystemsGalileo Galilei1974University of California Press2nd3496Paper 
Dialogues Concerning Two New SciencesGalileo Galilei1914Dover  300Paper 
Discoveries and Opinions of GalileoGalileo Galilei1957Anchor Books  301Paper 
Edwin Hubble Mariner of the NebulaeGale E. Christianson1995Farrar, Straus and Giroux1st 420Cloth 
Galileo in RomeWilliam R. Shea2003Oxford University Press1st 226Cloth 
Galileo's DaughterDava Sobel2000Penguin Books1st2420Paper 
Galileo's New UniverseStephen P. Maran2009Benbella Books, Inc.1st 163Paper 
Gallileo's Intellectual RevolutionWilliam R. Shea1977Science History Publications2nd 204Paper 
Herschel at the CapeDavid S. Evans (editor)1969University of Texas Press1st 398Cloth 
Histoire De L'astronomie Ancienne Depuis Son Origine
Jean Sylvain Bailly1781Chez De Bure fils aîné2nd 527Leather 
James E. Keeler: Pioneer American AstrophysicistDonald E. Osterbrock1984Cambridge University Press1st 411Casewrap 
James Lick's MonumentHelen Wright1987Cambridge University Press1st 231Cloth 
Johannes Kepler and the New AstronomyJames R. Voelkel1999Oxford University Press1st 141Paper 
John A. Brashear The Autobiography of a Man who Loved the StarsJohn A. Brashear1924The American Society of Mechanical Engineers1st 262Cloth 
Kepler 1571 - 1630Max Caspar1962Collier Books  416Paper 
Kepler's Physical AstronomyBruce Stephenson1987Princeton University Press1st2216Paper 
Kepler's WitchJames A. Connor2004Harper SanFransisco1st 401Cloth 
LatitudeBill Carter2002Naval Institute Press1st 252Cloth 
Lowell and MarsWilliam Graves Hoyt1996The University of Arizona Press1st2nd printing376Paper 
Maria Mitchell: A Life in Journals and LettersHenry Albers (editor)2001College Avenue Press1st 370Cloth 
Mathematical Astronomy in Copernicus's de Revolutionibus Part 1Noel Mark Swerdlow1984Springer-Verlag1st 537Cloth 
Mathematical Astronomy in Copernicus's de Revolutionibus Part 2Noel Mark Swerdlow1984Springer-Verlag1st 169Cloth 
Measuring the UniverseKitty Ferguson1999Walker & Company1st2342Paper 
Miss Leavitt's StarsGeorge Johnson2005Atlas Books1st 162Cloth 
Mysterium CosmographicumJohannes Kepler1999Abaris Books2nd 267PaperTranslation by A.M. Duncan.
Nicholas Copernicus 1543-1943Stephen P. Mizwa1943The Kosciuszko Foundation1st287Cloth 
Nicolaus Copernicus: Making the Earth a PlanetOwen Gingerich2005Oxford University Press1st1124Casewrap 
On the Revolutions of Heavenly SpheresNicolaus Copernicus2002Running Press  384Paper 
Out of the Darkness The Planet PlutoClyde W. Tombaugh1980Stackpole Books1st 220Cloth 
Parallax The Race to Measure the CosmosAlan Hirshfeld2001W. H. Freeman and Company1st 314Cloth 
Percival Lowell's Big Red CarWilliam Lowell Putnam2002McFarland & Company, Inc.1st 175Paper 
Pioneers of ScienceOliver J. Lodge1960Dover  404Paper 
Planets X and PlutoWilliam Graves Hoyt1980The University of Arizona Press  302Paper 
Solar System MapsNick Kanas2014Springer-Praxis1st 331Paper 
Star Maps History, Artistry, and CartographyNick Kanas2012Springer-Praxis2nd 528Paper 
Stargazer: The Life and Times of the TelescopeFred Watson2004Da Capo Press1st 342Quarter Cloth 
The Analysis of Starlight : One Hundred and Fifty Years of Astronomical SpectroscopyJohn B. Hearnshaw1986Cambridge University Press1st 531Casewrap 
The AstronomersDonald Goldsmith1991St. Marten's Press  332Cloth 
The Astronomical RevolutionAlexandre Koyré1973Cornel University Press2nd 531Cloth 
The Astronomical ScrapbookJoseph Ashbrook1984Cambridge University Press1st 468Cloth 
The Book Nobody ReadOwen Gingerich2004Penguin Books1st 306Paper 
The Cold Light of Dawn: A History of Canadian AstronomyRichard A. Jarrell1988University of Toronto Press1st 251Cloth 
The Composition of Kepler's Astronomia NovaJames R. Voelkel2001Princeton University Press1st 308Casewrap 
The Controversy on the Comets of 1618Galileo Galilei1960University of Pennsylvania Press1st 380Cloth 
The Copernican RevolutionThomas S. Kuhn1957Harvard University Press1st6297Paper 
The Earth MovesDan Hofstadter2009Atlas Books1st 240Cloth 
The Explorers of Mars HillWilliam Lowell Putnam1994Phoenix Publishing1st 289Cloth 
The Eye of Heaven Ptolemy, Copernicus, KeplerOwen Gingerich1993The American Institute of Physics1st 442ClothVolume seven in the Masters of Modern Physics series.
The Georgian StarMichael D. Lemonick2009W. W. Norton & Company1st 199Cloth 
The Glass UniverseDava Sobel2016Viking Press1st2324Quarter Cloth 
The Great Star MapHerbert Hall Turner1912E. P. Dutton and Company1st 159Cloth 
The Harvard College ObservatoryBessie Zaban Jones1971The Belknap Press1st 495Cloth 
The Moon and the Western ImaginationScott L. Montgomery1999The University of Arizona Press1st1st printing.265Cloth 
The Neptune FileTom Standage2000Walker & Company1st 240Cloth 
The Observatory in IslamAydin Sayili1988Turk Tarih Kurumu Basimevi2nd 472Paper 
The Planet Mars A History of Observation & DiscoveryWilliam Sheehan1996The University of Arizona Press  270Paper 
The Shadow of the Telescope: A Biography of John HerschelGünther Buttmann1970Charles Scribner's Sons1st 219ClothEnglish language translation of the German text. Small tear on the bottom of the dust jacket.
The Sky Atlas: The Greatest Maps, Myths and Discoveries of the UniverseEdward Brooke-Hitching2019Chronicle Books1st2255Cloth 
To Father The Letters of Sister Maria Celeste to Galileo 1623 - 1633Dava Sobel2001Fourth Estate1st 377Cloth 
Tycho & KeplerKitty Ferguson2002Walker & Company1st 402Cloth 
Victorian Telescope MakersIan S Glass1997Institute of Physics Publishing1st 279Cloth 
What Stars Are Made Of The Life of Cecilia Payne-GaposchkinDonovan Moore2020Harvard University Press1st1298Cloth 

Astronomy Prints (44 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Bode Hand Colored Print - Solar SystemJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1Unbound 
Bode Hand Colored Star Chart - AprilJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1Unbound 
Bode Hand Colored Star Chart - AugustusJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1Unbound 
Bode Hand Colored Star Chart - DecemberJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1Unbound2nd copy
Bode Hand Colored Star Chart - DecemberJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1Unbound 
Bode Hand Colored Star Chart - FebruariusJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1Unbound 
Bode Hand Colored Star Chart - JuliusJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1Unbound 
Bode Hand Colored Star Chart - JuliusJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1UnboundSecond copy.
Bode Hand Colored Star Chart - MärtzJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1Unbound 
Bode Hand Colored Star Chart - NovemberJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1Unbound 
Bode Hand Colored Star Chart - SeptemberJohann Elert Bode1777Nicolaischen Buchhandlung  1Unbound 
Chart of the HeavensJames Reynolds1878   1Unbound 
October Through December ConstellationsHiram Mattison1856Sheldon and Company1st 1UnboundDisbound hand colored print from "Atlas Designed to Illustrate Burritt's Geography of the Heavens".
One Print from "Atlas Coelestis in quo Mundus Spectabilis"Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr1742Homann's Heirs1st 1Unbound 
One Print from "Atlas Coelestis in quo Mundus Spectabilis"Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr1742Homann's Heirs1st 1UnboundThis celestial chart depicts Tycho Brahe's model of the Solar System surrounded by the signs of the Zodiac. This was purchased from a map dealer in Cyprus.
One Print from "Atlas Coelestis in quo Mundus Spectabilis": Globi Coelestis In Tabelas Planas Redaccti Pars II
Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr1742Homann's Heirs1st 1Unbound 
One Print from "Atlas Coelestis in quo Mundus Spectabilis": Globi Coelestis In Tabelas Planas Redaccti Pars IV
Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr1742Homann's Heirs1st 1UnboundRestoration work done to the bottom edge.
One Print from "Atlas Coelestis in quo Mundus Spectabilis": Motus in Coelo Spirales quos Planetae Inferiores Venus et Mercurius Secundum Tychonicorum Hypothesin ExhibentJohann Gabriel Doppelmayr1742Homann's Heirs1st 1UnboundThis print shows how the Tychonic model explains the retrograde motions of Mercury and Venus. This is the 9th print from Doppelmayr's atlas.
One Print from "Atlas Coelestis in quo Mundus Spectabilis": Phaenomena Motuum Irregularium quos Planetae Inferiores Venus et Mercurius ad Annum SalutisJohann Gabriel Doppelmayr1742Homann's Heirs1st 1UnboundThis print shows how the Copernican model explains the retrograde motions of Mercury and Venus. This is the 7th print from Doppelmayr's atlas.
One Print from "Atlas Coelestis seu Harmonia Macrocosmica"Andreas Cellarius1708Pieter Schenk & Gerard Valk2nd 1UnboundFull title of this print: "Haemisphaeria Sphaerarum Rectae et Obliquae Utriusque Motus et Longitudines tam Coelestes quam Terrestres ac Stellarum Affectiones Monsrantia"
One Print from "Atlas Coelestis seu Harmonia Macrocosmica"Andreas Cellarius1708Pieter Schenk & Gerard Valk2nd 1UnboundThis print is titled "Corporum Coelestium Magnitudines".
One Print from Histoire Générale des Voyages
Antoine François Prévost1754Chez Didot  1Unbound 
OrionAbraham Reescirca 1820Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown  1UnboundDisbound hand colored print from "Cyclopedia or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Literature". Copperplate engraving by Milton after a drawing by L. Hebert.
Palomar Observatory Lagoon Nebula Print Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories1961Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories  1UnboundFramed color image taken with the Palomar 200 inch telescope. This image was part of an exhibit at the California Institute of Technology.
Planisphères Célestes
Pierre Lapie1828Eymery Fruger et Cie.1st 1UnboundNorthern and southern celestial hemisphere print from the French atlas "Atlas Universel de Geographie Ancienne et Moderne". The print dimensions are 42×57 cm, and it has later hand coloring. This is one of the earliest star maps to use connecting lines rather than mythological figures for the constellations.
Print from Atlas Coelestis - CygnusJohn Flamsteed1729 1st 1Unbound 
Print from Uranometria - CoronaJohann Bayer1661Johannis Görlini2nd 1UnboundOne of five prints purchased through Sworders Auctions.
Print from Uranometria - CorvusJohann Bayer1661Johannis Görlini2nd 1UnboundOne of five prints purchased through Sworders Auctions.
Print from Uranometria - PerseusJohann Bayer1661Johannis Görlini2nd 1Unbound 
Print from Uranometria Britannica - DelphenusJohn Beviscirca 1750John Neale1st 1UnboundMinor tears.
Print from Uranometria Britannica - TriangulumJohn Beviscirca 1750John Neale1st 1UnboundOne of five prints purchased through Sworders Auctions. Has a small tear at the bottom. The Bevis atlas is considered to be one of the rarest celestial atlases.
Print from Созвѣздія представленныя на XXX таблицах - VirgoKornelius Reĭssig1829 1st 1UnboundHand colored.
Rockstroh Hand Colored Celestial Chart Antinous Adler DelphinHeinrich Rockstroh1830C.F. Amelang  1UnboundDisbound chart from Der Gestirnte Himmel.
Rockstroh Hand Colored Celestial Chart OphiuchusHeinrich Rockstroh1830C.F. Amelang  1UnboundDisbound chart from Der Gestirnte Himmel.
Rockstroh Hand Colored Celestial Chart PiscesHeinrich Rockstroh1830C.F. Amelang  1UnboundDisbound chart from Der Gestirnte Himmel.
Rockstroh Hand Colored Celestial Chart VirgoHeinrich Rockstroh1830C.F. Amelang  1UnboundDisbound chart from Der Gestirnte Himmel.
Six Framed Star Charts from Burritt's Geography of the Heavens 1835Elijah Hinsdale Burritt1835Huntington and Savage3rd 6UnboundSix framed charts from the 1835 edition of Burritt's Geography of the Heavens. Probably framed around 1910 to 1920.
Six Star Maps by Thomas LettsThomas Letts1881Letts, Son & Co.  6UnboundSix maps from Letts' Popular Atlas.
Sternkarte des Nördlichen Himmels anonymouscirca 1900F.A. Brockhaus  1UnboundDisbound print from the German language encyclopaedia Brockhaus Konversations Lexikon. The constellation overlay is torn.
Sternkarte des Südlichen Himmels anonymouscirca 1900F.A. Brockhaus  1UnboundDisbound print from the German language encyclopaedia Brockhaus Konversations Lexikon.
Three Prints from "Atlas Coelestis in quo Mundus Spectabilis"Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr1742Homann's Heirs1st 3UnboundMounted in a 34 inch x 72 inch frame. Purchased through Simpson Galleries in Houston, TX. Two of the charts depict the northern and southern celestial skies and the third is a map of the Earth. The northern hemisphere print has a one inch tear at the bottom center and is wrinkled.
Three Prints from Meyers Konversations-Lexikon
anonymouscirca 1900Bibliographisches Institut5th 3Unbound 
Three Star Map Prints from Supplément Illustré de Dictionnaire des Dictionnaires
Paul Guerincirca 1900Librairie des Imprimeries Réunies  3Unbound 
Ursa Major and Ursa MinorAbraham Reescirca 1820Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown  1UnboundDisbound hand colored print from "Cyclopedia or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Literature". Copperplate engraving by Milton after a drawing by L. Hebert.

Biology (1 Title)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Elements of ZoölogySanborn Tenney1875Charles Scribner's Sons1st 503Cloth 

Chemistry (8 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
An Introduction to the Atomic TheoryCharles Daubeny1831Oxford University Press1st 147Cloth 
An Introduction to the Study of ChemistryIra Remsen1902Henry Holt and Company6th 460Cloth 
General ChemistryHarry N. Holmes1923Macmillan and Company1st3rd printing558Cloth 
Meiji Period Japanese Woodblock Chemistry Text in Three Volumes anonymouscirca 1870anonymous  331Paper 
On Spectrum AnalysisHenry E. Roscoe1870Macmillan and Company2nd 404Cloth 
Organic ChemistryIra Remsen1894D. C. Heath & Company3rd 364Cloth 
SpectroscopyE. C. C. Baly1918Longmans, Green, and Co.2nd 687Cloth 
The Modern CalorimeterWalter White1928The Chemical Catalog Company1st 194Cloth 

Classics (3 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Aristotelis Aristotle1601Wechelianis apud Claudium Marnium & haeredes Ioannis Aubri  815Leather 
P. Ovidii Nasonis Fastorum Libri VI Ovid1582Basilea ex officina brylingeriana anno  397HardboundPerhaps rebound during the 19th century. Some conservation work done to tattered pages. This volume contains three of Ovid's works, the Fasti (the Roman calendar and astronomy), the Tristia, and the Epistulae ex Ponto.
The Iliad of HomerWilliam Cullen Bryant1880Houghton Mifflin Company1st11th impression687Cloth 

Drama (3 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Shakespeare's Tragedy of HamletHenry N. Hudson1903Ginn and Company1st12th impression253Cloth 
Shakespeare's Tragedy of MacBethHenry N. Hudson1896Ginn and Company1st9th impression203Cloth 
Shakespeare's Winter's TaleHenry N. Hudson1894Ginn and Company1st5th impression196Cloth 

Ephemera (48 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
25 Astronomy Tabacco Cards anonymouscirca 1916John Player and Sons   Unbound 
Adler Planetarium 400 Year Calendar anonymouscirca 1946Sky Publishing Corporation  1Unbound 
Argoli, A. - Ephemerides Exactissimae Caelestium Motuum ad Longitudinem Almae Urbis, et Tychonis Brahe Hypotheses, ad deductas è Coelo accurate observationes ab Anno MDCXLI ad Annum MDCCAndrea Argoli1677J.A. Huguetan1st 587VellumTitle page has the bottom right corner cut out. The frontispiece is missing as well as the end papers and flyleafs.
Astronomischer Kalender für 1919 anonymous1918Carl Gerold's Sohn1st 149Quarter Cloth149 number pages plus 48 pages for notes. Several advertisements for astronomical instruments are scattered throughout the calendar.
Berliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch für 1858Johann Franz Encke1855Kônigl Academy of Sciences1st 408Paper 
Berliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch für 1908J. Bauschinger1906Ferd. Dümmler's Verlagsbuchhandlung1st 620Half Cloth 
c1907 Postcard Observatory at Washburn College Topeka KS anonymouscirca 1907M. L. Zercher Book & Sta. Co.   Unbound 
Cartes Elementaires d'Astronomie et de Geographie
Louis-Michel Pâriscirca 1806Breé Freres1st 42Paper42 cards in a cardboard box. The box is missing the lid and its bottom panel. Pierre-François Godard did the engraving. The set originally contained three volvelle cards. The volvelle for card 23 is complete. The moving part for the volvelle on card 41 is present but loose. The moving part for card 42 is missing.
Children with Telescope Postcard anonymouscirca 1909anonymous   Unbound 
Ephemerides Ioannis Stadii Leonnovthensis Mathematici, Secvndvm Antvverpiae Longitudem: ab Anno 1554 vsque ad Annum 1606 ; Iam recèns ab Auctore auctae: adiecto quoque Canone Sinuum, vel Semißium rectarum, in circulo subtensarm, eodem AuctoreJohannes Stadius1581Haeredes Arnoldi Birckmanni  88Quarter Leather88 numberered pages. Seminario Vescovile stamp on the title page. Johannes Stadius calculated the planetary positions for this ephemeris using the Copernican model of the solar system. His copy of Copernicus' "De Revolutionibus" is currently locaed in the library at the West Point Military Academy.
Etat Du Ciel Pour L'an de Grace 1754Alexandre Guy Pingré1754Durand1st 193Cloth 
Etat Du Ciel Pour L'an de Grace 1756Alexandre Guy Pingré1756Durand1st 216Cloth 
Etat Du Ciel Pour L'an de Grace 1757Alexandre Guy Pingré1757Durand1st 216Cloth 
Evening Amusements - 1804William Frend1805J. Mawman4th 185Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1805William Frend1805J. Mawman2nd 210Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1806William Frend1806J. Mawman1st 281Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1807William Frend1807J. Mawman1st 263Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1808William Frend1808J. Mawman1st 252Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1809William Frend1809J. Mawman1st 236Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1810William Frend1810J. Mawman1st 198Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1811William Frend1811J. Mawman1st 205Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1812William Frend1812J. Mawman1st 223Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1813William Frend1813J. Mawman1st 192Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1814William Frend1814J. Mawman1st 204Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1815William Frend1815J. Mawman1st 188Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1816William Frend1816J. Mawman1st 184Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1817William Frend1817J. Mawman1st 177Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1818William Frend1818J. Mawman1st 206Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1819William Frend1819J. Mawman1st 233Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1820William Frend1820J. Mawman1st 219Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1821William Frend1821J. Mawman1st 223Half Leather 
Evening Amusements - 1822William Frend1822J. Mawman1st 199Half Leather 
Lawrence Manufacturing Cancelled Check Lawrence Manufacturing Company Old Colony Trust Company    Check made payable to Percival Lowell and A. L. Lowell Trustees. The check was made out in the amount of $666.66 on May 13, 1901.
Lowell Observatory Observation Circular - Mars - At the opposition of 1915-1916Percival Lowell1916Lowell Observatory1st 1UnboundReport of a new feature. The circular is dated March 30, 1916.
Merlinius Anglicus Junior: Or, The Starry Messenger, For the Year of our Redemption, 1758Henry Coley1757R. Reily, for the Company of Stationers1st 29Unbound 
Modern Wonders - 2 Astronomy Tabacco Cards anonymous1938W.A. & A.C. Churchman   Unbound 
Ohio State University Observatory Postcard  circa 1910H. G. Zimmerman & Co.     
Ohio Weslyan University Observatory Postcard  circa 1910The New York Cash Store Co.     
Parker's EphemerisGeorge Parker1715G. Parker1st 72Leather 
Parkville College Observatory Postcard anonymouscirca 1908The Rotograph Co.   Unbound 
Postcard Crane Observatory, Topeka, Kan. anonymouscirca 1915I. P. C. N. & Co.   Unbound 
Postcard High Rock Observatory Lynn MA  circa 1905anonymous   Unbound 
Postcard Pittsburgh PA Allegheny Observatory  circa 1950Artvue Post Card Co.   Unbound 
Postcard Topeka KS Washburn Observatory anonymouscirca 1905Hermann Souvenir Post Card Co.   Unbound 
The Game of the Stars anonymous1905The Cincinnati Game Company   Paper 
The Methodist Almanac for the Year of our Lord 1869 anonymous1868Hitchcock and Walden1st 46Paper 
Time's Telescope for 1820 anonymous1820Sherwood, Neely, and Jones1st 323Half Leather 
Vox Stellarum, Or a Loyal AlmanackFrancis Moore1751James Bettenham1st 354Quarter LeatherAlmanacs for 1751 through 1758 bound in one volume.

Evolution (5 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
American AddressesThomas Henry Huxley1893D. Appleton & Co.1st7th impression164Cloth 
Evidence as to Man's Place in NatureThomas Henry Huxley1863D. Appleton & Co.1st 184ClothSeveral torn pages including the title page. Fixed with wheat paste.
On the Origin of SpeciesThomas Henry Huxley1883D. Appleton & Co.  150Cloth 
The Descent of ManCharles Darwin1875D. Appleton & Co.2nd 688Cloth 
The Origin of SpeciesCharles Darwin1873D. Appleton & Co.6th 458Cloth 

Fiction (36 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A History of English LiteratureWilliam Francis Collier1862T. Nelson and Sons1st 538Cloth 
BarringtonCharles Lever1872Chapman & Hall  411Half Leather 
Bleak HouseCharles Dickenscirca 1910P. F. Collier and Son  977Cloth 
Grandfather TalesRichard Chase1948Houghton Mifflin Company1st 240Cloth 
Henry Esmond. Catherine Denis Duval and Lovel the WidowerWilliam Makepeace Thackeraycirca 1900Frank F. Lovell and Company  831Cloth 
Jack Hinton, The GuardsmanCharles Lever1873Chapman & Hall  396Half Leather 
Les MiserablesVictor Hugo1900A. L. Burt Company, Publishers  749Cloth 
Nicholas NicklebyCharles Dickenscirca 1910P. F. Collier and Son  932Cloth 
Ninety-ThreeVictor Hugo1888Thomas Y. Crowell Company  472Cloth 
Oliver Twist / A Tale of Two CitiesCharles Dickenscirca 1890Chapman & Hall  565Half LeatherOliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities bound in one volume. Late nineteenth century printing.
One of ThemCharles Lever1873Chapman & Hall  471Half Leather 
Our Charley and What to Do With HimHarriet Beecher Stowe1858Phillips, Sampson & Company1st 117ClothIt is possible that the book belonged to Percival Lowell. The book is inscribed: "Percival Lowell from Nanna Xmas 1862".
Our Mutual FriendCharles Dickens1865Chapman & Hall1st 306LeatherBound from the original serial parts.
Our Mutual FriendCharles Dickenscirca 1910P. F. Collier and Son  940Cloth 
Roundabout PapersWilliam Makepeace Thackeraycirca 1900Frank F. Lovell and Company  815Cloth 
Sketches by "Boz"Charles Dickenscirca 1910P. F. Collier and Son  531Cloth 
The Adventures of Philip on His Way Through the WorldWilliam Makepeace Thackeraycirca 1900Frank F. Lovell and Company  826Cloth 
The Christmas Books of Mr. M. A. TitmarshWilliam Makepeace Thackeraycirca 1900Frank F. Lovell and Company  717Cloth 
The Confessions of Con. CreganCharles Levercirca 1872George Routledge & Sons4th 305Half Leather 
The DaltonsCharles Lever1872Chapman & Hall  698Half Leather 
The Dodd Family AbroadCharles Lever1872Chapman & Hall  565Half Leather 
The History of Pendennis. His Fortunes and Misfortunes, His Friends and His Greatest Enemy.William Makepeace Thackeraycirca 1900Frank F. Lovell and Company  820Cloth 
The Knight of GwyenneCharles Lever1872Chapman & Hall  618Half Leather 
The Last Days of PompeiiSir Edward Bulwer-Lytton1850A. L. Burt, Publisher2nd 425Half LeatherActually printed much later. Probably printed after 1890. A. L. Burt began publishing in 1883.
The Martins of Cro'MartinCharles Lever1873Chapman & Hall  690Half Leather 
The Memoirs of Barry Lyndon. Great Hoggarty Diamond. Sketches and Travels in London. Character Sketches. Men's Wives.William Makepeace Thackeraycirca 1900Frank F. Lovell and Company  826Cloth 
The Mystery of Edwin DroodCharles Dickens1870Chapman & Hall1st 190PaperOriginal serial parts. This was Dickens' last novel which was never completed before his death.
The Newcombes, Memoirs of a Most Respectable FamilyWilliam Makepeace Thackeraycirca 1900Frank F. Lovell and Company  820Cloth 
The O'DonoghueCharles Lever1872Chapman & Hall  410Half Leather 
The Paris Sketch Book of Mr. M. A. Titmarsh; The Irish Sketch Book: and Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Grand CairoWilliam Makepeace Thackeraycirca 1900Frank F. Lovell and Company  821Cloth 
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick ClubCharles Dickenscirca 1890Chapman & Hall  609Half LeatherLate nineteenth century printing.
The VirginiansWilliam Makepeace Thackeraycirca 1900Frank F. Lovell and Company  798Cloth 
Toilers of the SeaVictor Hugocirca 1910Estes and Lauriat  525ClothLimited edition. Number 215 out of 1000. In two volumes.
Tom Burke of "Ours."Charles Lever1873Chapman & Hall  666Half Leather 
Vanity Fair. A Novel Without a HeroWilliam Makepeace Thackeraycirca 1900Frank F. Lovell and Company  821Cloth 
Wolfert's Roost and Other Papers, Now First CollectedWashington Irving1859G. P Putnam  383Cloth 

General Knowledge (2 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Curiosiora et Selectiora Variarum Scientiarum MiscellaneaP. Martino Szent-Jvany1689Typis Academicia, Tyrnaviae1st 860Vellum 
The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure anonymous1786William Bent1st 768Half LeatherPeriodical. Volumes 78-79. Contains essays on astronomy, physics chemistry biology, poetry, mathematics, architecture, music, news, history, philosophy.

Geography (9 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
By Order of the Sun
John James Aubertin1894Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co, Ltd.1st 152Cloth152 pages plus 80 pages of advertisements. The front inside end paper has a bookplate belonging to Dr. Sydney Ross of Rensselaer Polytechnic, who was a well know book collector and is known for buying out the entire contents of the John Herschel library.
First Lessons in Geography and Astronomy, with Seven Plain Maps and a View of the Solar SystemJ. A. Cummings1818Cummings and Hillard1st 83PaperHomemade dust jacket made with a wrapper from a ream of rag paper with the following printed on it "Pot, No. 1., (one ream.) John Savels, Manufacturer, Gardiner -- Maine". The top one inch of the spine is torn. Some water staining to the pages. Previous owners names are inscribed on the cover and flyleaf.
Geography Delineated Forth in Two BookesNathanael Carpenter1625John Lichfield and William Turner1st 560Leather 
Geography Made EasyJedidiah Morse1811Thomas & Andrews14th2nd printing363LeatherJedidiah was the farther of Sameul Morse, inventor of the Morse Code.
La Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo AlessandrinoClaudius Ptolemaeus1574Appresso Giordano Ziletti3rd 350VellumThis is the third edition of the Italian translation by Girolamo Ruscelli which was first printed by Vincenzo Valgrisi in Venice, 1561. This edition is revised and corrected by Giovanni Malombra. The engraved maps, which are enlarged copies of Giacomo Gastaldi's maps in his Italian edition of Venice, 1548, are generally the same in the Venice 1561, 1562 (Latin), and 1564 editions printed in Venice. Sixty-three of the maps are printed from the same plates as the 1561 edition. The exceptions are the Ptolemaic world map, "Tavola prima universale antica, di tutta la terra conosciura fin' a' tempi di Tolomeo," which is on a revised conical projection, and the additional map "Territorio di Roma duodecima tavola nuova d'Europa" which is new to this edition. The atlas contains 27 ptolemaic maps and 38 new maps.
Manual of Geography Combined With History and AstronomyJames Monteith1885A. S. Barnes and Company  123Quarter Leather 
Noto: an Unexplored Corner of JapanPercival Lowell1891Houghton Mifflin Company1st 261Cloth 
The Soul of the Far EastPercival Lowell1888Houghton Mifflin Company1st 226Cloth 
Voyage en Sibérie, fait par Ordre du Roi en 1761Jean-Baptiste Chappe d'Auteroche1769Marc Michel Rey2nd 955LeatherThree volumes. Volume I was printed in 1769, volume II was printed in 1770, and volume III was printed in 1771. These volumes describe an expedition to Siberia to observe the transit of Venus in 1761. Formerly owned by Gouverneur Morris, who was the author of the preamble to the US Constitution.

Geology (2 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A Compend of GeologyJoseph Le Conte1898American Book Company2nd 426Cloth 
Fourteen Weeks in Popular GeologyJoel Dorman Steele1877A. S. Barnes and Company2nd 280Cloth 

Historical Novels (1 Title)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Percival's Planet A NovelMichael Byers2010Henry Holt and Company1st 414Cloth 

History (2 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
De Dis Syris Syntagmata IIJoannis Seldeni1672Laurentii Sigismundi Corneri1st 696Half Leather 
The Lowells and Their Seven WorldsFerris Greenslet1946Houghton Mifflin Company1st 442Cloth 

Horology (7 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Practical Benchwork for HorologistsLouis Levin1950Louis Levin & Son, Inc.8th 381Cloth 
Practical Clock RepairingDonald de Carle1951N. A. G. Press  244Cloth 
Practical Watch RepairingDonald de Carle1971N. A. G. Press3rd 319Cloth 
Scientific TimingCharles Purdom1947The Roberts Publishing Co.  144Cloth 
Time Telling Through the AgesHarry C. Brearley1919Doubleday, Page & Company  294Cloth 
Watch and Clock Makers HandbookF. J. Britten1938Chemical Publishing Company Inc.14th 547Cloth 
Watch RepairingF. J. Garrard1950The Technical Press Ltd. 17th impression214Cloth 

Mathematics (5 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Elements of Analytical GeometryCharles Davies1848A. S. Barnes and Company11th 352Cloth 
Elements of Geometry: Containing The First Six Books of EuclidJohn Playfair1839W. E. Dean  318LeatherFront cover missing, and the rear cover is detached.
Graphical MethodsCarl David Tolmé Runge1912Columbia University Press1st 148Half Leather 
Mathematical Papers of the Late George GreenN. M Ferrers1903Librairie Scientifique A. Hermann2nd 336Cloth 
Sanpo Tenzan Tebikigusa anonymouscirca 1845anonymous  59PaperEdo period Japanese woodblock print book.

Medical (1 Title)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
The Refraction of the EyeGustavus Hartridge1902P. Blakiston's Son & Company11th 271Cloth 

Meteorology (1 Title)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
L'Atmosphere: Météorologie PopulaireCamille Flammarion1888Librairie Hachette Et C4th 808Half LeatherEdition where Flammarion's astronomer wood cutting first appears (page 163).

Natural Philosophy (7 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A Plain Elementary and Practical System of Natural Experimental Philosophy; Including Astronomy and ChronologyRev. John Ewing1809Hopkins and Earle1st 538Leather22 plates at the end of the book. This was a posthumously published set of lectures. This book has been rebacked with new endpapers and flyleafs added.
An Introduction to Natural PhilosophyDenison Olmsted1832Hezekiah Howe & Co.1st 352LeatherVolume two of a two volume set. Front cover hanging by threads.
Elements of Natural Philosophy anonymous1808D. & G. Bruce, for J. Osborn, Bookseller1st 272Quarter Leather 
Lessons on Natural Philosophy, for ChildrenRev. T. Wilsoncirca 1845Darton and Clark  182ClothUranus is referred to as Herschel. No mention of Neptune.
Library of Useful Knowledge anonymous1834Baldwin and Cradock  561Half Leather 
Rudiments of Natural Philosophy and AstronomyDenison Olmsted1864Collins & Brother2nd3rd printing302Quarter LeatherOne inch of spine missing along top and bottom. Tape applied to the spine.
The Gallery of Nature and ArtRev. Edward Polehampton1821R. N. Rose5th 527Leather 
TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A Treatise on Practical Astronomy as Applied to Geodesy and NavigationC. L. Doolittle1885John Wiley & Sons, Inc.1st 642Cloth 
Navigation and Nautical AstronomyBenjamin Dutton1943United States Naval Institute8th 568Cloth 
Stereopix The Principles of Celestial Navigation Explained by Means of Three-Diensional PicturesWm. H. Burton, Jr.1943Addison Wesley1st 27PaperHas a pair of 3-D glasses included. The author was the curator of the Hayden Planetarium.
The American Practical NavigatorNathaniel Bowditch1918United States Hydrographic Office2nd 949Cloth 
The Illustrated LongitudeDava Sobel1998Walker & Company1st4th printing216Cloth 
The Mariner's New Daily AssistantJames Griffin1844Blanchford and Imray1st 214Leather 
The Practical NavigatorJohn Hamilton Moore1781B. Law6th 302Leather 

Non-Fiction (2 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
AloneRichard E. Byrd1938G. P. Putnam's Sons1st 296ClothSigned. From my Father's library.
Two Years with the Chinese CommunistsWilliam Band1948Yale University Press1st 347ClothDust jacket present. William Band was a faculty member of the Physics Department at Washington State University during my time there as a graduate student.

Philosophy (2 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Dick's WorksRev. Thomas Dick1852A. C. Goodman & Co.  911Leather 
First PrinciplesHerbert Spencer1896D. Appleton & Co.4th 602Half Leather 

Photography (1 Title)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Solutions For Your Photographic ProblemsJ. Victor Mansfield1942The Mansfield Photo Research Institute2nd 128ClothThis book contains chemical solutions for various films. I used one of the direct positive solutions from this book to produce backup film records of high speed spectra while working in the Shock Dynamics Laboratory at Washington State University.

Physics (48 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A Brief History of TimeStephen Hawking1988Bantam Books1st 198Paper 
An Elementary Treatment of the Theory of Spinning Tops and Gyroscopic MotionHarold Crabtree1967Chelsea Publishing Company3rd 193Cloth 
An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Heat ConductionL. R. Ingersoll1913Ginn and Company1st 171Cloth 
Analytical Emission SpectroscopyJózsef Mika1974Crane, Russak & Company, Inc.1st 527Casewrap 
Atomic Spectra and Atomic StructureGerhard Herzberg1944Dover  257Cloth 
Classical MechanicsHerbert Goldstein1953Addison Wesley1st3rd printing399Cloth 
De MagneteWilliam Gilbert1958Dover  368Paper 
Einstein's Theory of RelativityMax Born1924Methuen & Co., LTD.3rd 293ClothTranslated by Henry L. Brose.
Elementary Lessons in Electricity and MagnetismSilvanus P. Thompson1895Macmillan and Company14th 628Cloth 
Experiment and Theory in PhysicsMax Born1944Cambridge University Press1stFirst UK edition.44Paper 
Experimental SpectroscopyRalph A. Sawyer1944Prentice Hall, Inc.1st 323Cloth 
Fundamentals of Physical OpticsFrancis Jenkins1937McGraw-Hill Book Company1st6th impression457Cloth 
Introduction to Atomic SpectraHarvey Elliott White1934McGraw-Hill Book Company1st6th impression457Cloth 
Introduction to Quantum MechanicsLinus Pauling1935McGraw-Hill Book Company1st8th impression468Cloth 
Les Rayons XMaurice de Broglie1922Journal de Physique1st 164Cloth 
Light: Principles and ExperimentsGeorge S. Monk1937McGraw-Hill Book Company1st 477Cloth 
Mathematical and Physical Papers - Volume 1Sir William Thomson1882Cambridge University Press1st 558Cloth 
Mathematical and Physical Papers - Volume 2Sir William Thomson1884Cambridge University Press1st 407Cloth 
Mathematical and Physical Papers - Volume 3Sir William Thomson1890Cambridge University Press1st 529Cloth 
Mathematical and Physical Papers - Volume 4Sir William Thomson1910Cambridge University Press1st 563Cloth 
Mathematical and Physical Papers - Volume 5Sir William Thomson1911Cambridge University Press1st 602Cloth 
Mathematical and Physical Papers - Volume 6Sir William Thomson1911Cambridge University Press1st 378Cloth 
MechanicsLev Davidovich Landau1960Addison Wesley2nd 165ClothVolume one of the "Course in Theoretical Physics". First English translation. Co-authored by E. M. Lifshitz.
Meiji Period Science (Optices, Electricity and Magnetism) anonymouscirca 1900anonymous  62Paper 
Modern PhysicsCharles E Dull1934Henry Holt and Company5th 789Cloth 
Modern Views of ElectricityOliver J. Lodge1892Macmillan and Company2nd 480ClothFormer University of Kansas Library copy
My Life & My ViewsMax Born1968Charles Scribner's Sons2nd 216Cloth 
On The Shoulders of GiantsStephen Hawking (editor)2002Running Press1st1st Impression1264ClothDust jacket present. The works of Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and Einstein.
Photographed SpectraJ. Rand Capron1877E. & F. N. Spon1st 84ClothHas two tipped in silver prints, on an extra plate, showing the spectrum of the Sun compared to a reference spectrum. 136 photographs on 66 plates.
Practical SpectroscopyGeorge R. Harrison1948Prentice Hall, Inc. 5th printing605Cloth 
Principles of MechanicsJohn Lighton Synge1949McGraw-Hill Book Company2nd 530Cloth 
Robert Boyle's Experiments in PneumaticsJames Bryant Conant1955Harvard University Press2nd2nd printing70Paper 
Spectrum Analysis in its Application to Terrestrial Substances, and the Physical Constitution of the Heavenly BodiesDr. H. Schellen1872D. Appleton & Co.1st1st American edition455ClothSecond copy.
The Becquerel Rays and the Properties of RadiumR. J. Strutt1906Edward Arnold2nd 215Cloth 
The Contributions of Faraday and Maxwell to Electrical ScienceR. A. R. Tricker1966Pergamon Press1st 289Paper 
The Early Development of the Concepts of Temperature and HeatDuane Roller1950Harvard University Press1st 105Paper 
The Electric Life of Michael FaradayAlan Hirshfeld2006Walker & Company1st 258ClothDust jacket present. Inscribed by the author.
The Fabric of the CosmosBrian Greene2004Knopf1st2nd printing569Quarter Cloth 
The Foundations of Einstein's Theory of GravitationErwin Freundlich1922G. E. Stechert & Co.  60PaperEnglish language translation. Inscribed by Sidney Hacker. Translated by Henry L. Brose. Preface by Albert Einstein.
The God EffectBrian Clegg2006St. Marten's Press1st 269Cloth 
The Illustrated A Brief History of TimeStephen Hawking1996Bantam Books2nd5th impression248ClothDust jacket present. First volume of the deluxe set.
The Mathematical Theory of Electricity & MagnetismSir James H. Jeans1960Cambridge University Press5th 652Paper 
The Mathematical Theory of Huygens' PrincipleBevan B. Baker1939Oxford at the Clarendon Press1st 155Cloth 
The Nature of ThermodynamicsP. W. Bridgman1941Harvard University Press2nd 229Cloth 
The Penetration of Atomic Particles Through MatterNiels Bohr1953Hafner Publishing Company2nd 144PaperEnglish launguage translation. Previous owners inscription on the title page.
The Restless UniverseMax Born1951Dover2nd 315Paper 
The Structure of Line SpectraLinus Pauling1930McGraw-Hill Book Company1st 263Cloth 
The Universe in a NutshellStephen Hawking2001Bantam Books1st9th impression216ClothDust jacket present. Second volume of the deluxe set.

Physics History (7 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Isaac Newton's Scientific MethodWilliam L. Harper2011Oxford University Press1st 424Cloth 
Newton's Principia for the Common ReaderSubrahmanyan Chandrasekhar1995Oxford University Press1st2593Cloth 
Newton's Principia The Central ArgumentDana Densmore2003Green Lion Press3rd 525Paper 
Out of the Shadows: Contributions of Twentieth-Century Women to PhysicsNina Byers (editor)2006Cambridge University Press1st2471Casewrap 
Reading the PrincipiaNiccolò Guicciardini1999Cambridge University Press1st 285ClothBookseller's writing on front flyleaf.
The Key to Newton's DynamicsJ. Bruce Brackenridge1995University of California Press1st 299Paper 
The Rise of the New Physics (2 volumes)A. D'ambro1951Dover2nd 982Paper 

Poetry (10 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Ballads for SaleAmy Lowell1927Houghton Mifflin Company1st 311Cloth 
Bitter-SweetJ. G. Holland1859Charles Scribner1st2 impression220Cloth 
Can Grande's CastleAmy Lowell1918The MacMillan Company1st 232Quarter Cloth 
East WindAmy Lowell1926Houghton Mifflin Company1st 240Quarter Cloth 
M. Manili AstronomiconMarcus Manlius1599apud Christophorum Raphelengium  510VellumThe Astronomicon, is a Latin didactic poem about celestial phenomena, written in hexameters and divided into five books. The Astronomica was originally written c. AD 30 - 40 by a Roman poet whose name was likely Marcus Manilius.
Odes Upon Cash, Corn and Catholics and Other MattersThomas Moore1828Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green1st 183Quarter ClothSigned by John Herschel. Binding taped, and pages loose. Has John Herschel's library stamp.
Sword Blades and Poppy SeedAmy Lowell1914The MacMillan Company1st 246Quarter ClothCompliments of the author slip paper attached to inside cover. Formerly owned by Elizabeth Putnam (Amy Lowell's older sister).
The Poems of William Cowper, Esq.William Cowper1849Clark, Austin & Co.  491Cloth 
The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe ShellyPercy Bysshe Shelly1852Phillips, Sampson & Company1st1st American Edition784Cloth 
What's OclockAmy Lowell1925Houghton Mifflin Company1st 240Quarter ClothAmy Lowell was Percival Lowell's sister.

Religion (6 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Discourses on the Christian Revelation Viewed in Connexion with the Modern AstronomyRev. Thomas Chalmers1819E. P. Walton3rd 194LeatherWater stain to the front cover. Bottom quarter of the front flyleaf missing.
Mid Edo Period Japanese Mythology anonymouscirca 1690anonymous  27Paper 
Occult Japan or the Way of the GodsPercival Lowell1895Houghton Mifflin Company2nd 379Cloth 
Ojoyoshu (ge) Genshincirca 1850anonymous  61PaperLate Edo period book about Buddhism.
Rays of Starlight: Being Conversations with the Young Upon the Wonders of the Sky L. T.circa 1900The London Gospel Tract Depot  141ClothChildren's book. Front board is warped.
The Ball and Hoop anonymous1836American Sunday-School Union1st 15ClothA religious book which discusses the planet Saturn.

Satire (1 Title)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Christmas StoryH. L. Mencken1946Alfred A. Knopf1st2nd printing31ClothIllustrated by Bill Crawford. Dust jacket has a tear about 1.5 inches long through the R in "Christmas. Book came from my Father's library. Reprint of the first edition.

Science (30 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
A Life of DiscoveryJames Hamilton2002Random House1st 465ClothFirst American edition.
Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian InstitutionR. B. Taney1857United States House of Representatives1st 467Cloth 
Aristotle's Physics Aristotle1980The Peripatetic Press  386Paper 
Beautiful ButterfliesJ. Moucha1963Spring Books1st3rd impression130Cloth 
Confessions of an Alien HunterSeth Shostak2009National Geographic Society1st 309Cloth 
Der königl. Academie der Wissenschaften in Paris physische AbhandlungenWolf Balth Adolph von Steinwehr1749Berlegts Johann Jacob Korn  902Leather 
Experimental Researches in Chemistry and PhysicsMichael Faraday1991Taylor & Francis1st 496Cloth 
Familiar Lectures On Scientific SubjectsSir John F. W. Herschel1867Alexander Strahan, Publisher2nd 507Cloth 
Histoire de L`Academie Royale des Sciences anonymous1732de L`Imprimerie Royale1st 511Leather 
Institutiones physicae, quas compendio dedit Adamus Tomtsányi in regia Scientiarum Universitate Pest ... Astronomiam et Geographiam PhysicamAdamus Tomtsanyi1824Joannis Thomae Trattner2nd 168Quarter LeatherVolume 3. Latin text.
Japanese Science Reference - Study Book anonymouscirca 1870anonymous  120PaperMeiji period woodblock print book on science with about 40 illustrations.
Le Spectacle de la NatureNoël-Antoine Pluche1747la Veuve Estienne & Fils2nd 596LeatherBoards loose.
Le Spectacle de la NatureNoël-Antoine Pluche1749Chez la Veuve Estienne & Fils  599Leather 
Maki No Yon anonymouscirca 1875anonymous  70PaperMeiji era Japanese woodblock print text book. Volume 4 of Shogaku Tokuhon (The Elementary Reader).
Memorie di Matematica e di Fisica Della Società Italiana anonymous1846Società Italiana delle Scienze  390PaperSpine missing. Volume 23. Has John Herschel's library stamp.
Menlo Park Reminiscences - Volume 1Francis Jehl1937Edison Institute2nd 430Paper 
Menlo Park Reminiscences - Volume 2Francis Jehl1938Edison Institute1st 475Paper 
Menlo Park Reminiscences - Volume 3Francis Jehl1941Edison Institute1st 251Paper 
Meteors, Aerolites, Storms, and Atmospheric PhenomenaWilliam Lackland1874Scribner, Armstrong, & Co.1st4th impression324Cloth"From the French of Zurcher and Margolle". In mint condition.
MicrographiaRobert Hooke1961Dover  273Paper 
New Pathways in ScienceArthur Stanley Eddington1935The MacMillan Company1st 333Cloth 
Newton's TyrannyDavid Clark2001W. H. Freeman and Company  170Paper 
Popular Cyclopaedia Of Natural Science. Mechanical Philosophy Horology and AstronomyWilliam B. Carpenter1857Henry G. Bohn  579Leather 
Science of Mechanics in the Middle AgesMarshall Clagett1959The University of Wisconsin Press1st 711Cloth 
Spectacle de la Nature: Or Nature Display'dJohn Baptist de Freval1740   368Leather 
The Horses of the SunJames Crowthercirca 1886Sunday School Union  280Cloth 
The Perennial CalendarT. Forster1824Harding, Mavor, and Lepard1st 804Half Leather 
The Wilderness of WorldsGeorge W. Morehouse1898Peter Eckler1st 246ClothAstronomy and Biological Evolution.
Time LordClark Blaise2000Pantheon Books1st 256Cloth 
Views of NatureAlexander Von. Humbolt1869Bell & Dadly  452Half LeatherEnglish translation.

Science Fiction (1 Title)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
To Mars via the MoonMark Wicks1911J. B. Lippincott Company1st 328Cloth 

Science History (1 Title)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
American Women in ScienceMartha J. Bailey1994ABC-CLIO, Inc.1st 463Cloth 

Space Flight (3 Titles)

TitleAuthorPrinting YearPublisherEditionImpressionPagesCoverNotes
Across the Space FrontierCornelius Ryan1952Viking Press1st 147ClothDust jacket present. Contributions by Wernher von Braun, and Fred Whipple.
Footprints on the MoonJohn Barbour1969The Associated Press1st 214ClothInscribed by John Barbour.
Lost MoonJim Lovell1994Houghton Mifflin Company1st5th printing378Quarter Cloth