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Item400 Year Calendar
ItemA Celestial Atlas by Alexander Jamieson - 1822
ItemA New Star Atlas by Richard Proctor - 1870
ItemA New Star Atlas by Richard Proctor - 1882
ItemA Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way by E.E. Barnard - 1927
ItemA Popular Handbook and Atlas of Astronomy by William Peck - 1890
ItemAn Explanation of the Gnomonic Projection of the Sphere by Augustus De Morgan - 1836
ItemAnleitung zur Kenntniss des Gestirnten Himmels by Bode - 1801
ItemAnnals of the Lowell Observatory - 3 Volumes
ItemAstronomie des Demoiselles by James Ferguson - 1827
ItemAstronomy by Observation by Eliza Bowen - 1890
ItemAstronomy Explained Upon Sir Isaac Newton's Priniciples by James Ferguson - 1778
ItemAstronomy Made Easy by William Pinnock - 1840
ItemAstronomy Themed Postcards
ItemAstronomy Themed Stereoviews
ItemAstronomy Themed Trade Cards `
ItemAtlante Astronomico by Giuseppe Naccari - 1935
ItemAtlas Céleste de Flamsteed Edited by Jean Nicolas Fortin - 1776
ItemAtlas Coelestis seu Harmonia Macrocosmica by Andreas Cellarius - 1708
ItemAtlas der Himmelskunde by Schweiger-Lerchenfeld - 1898
ItemAtlas des gestirnten Himmels by Joseph Johann von Littrow - 1866
ItemAtlas Designed to Illustrate Burritt's Geography of the Heavens - 1856
ItemAtlas Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens - 1833
ItemAtlas Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens - 1835
ItemAtlas Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens - 1835 (very fine copy)
ItemAtlas of Astronomy by Johnston - 1855
ItemAtlas of the Heavens by Kendall - 1855
ItemAstronomers of To-Day by Hector Macpherson
ItemAstronomiæ Physicæ & Geometricæ Elementa by David Gregory - 1726
ItemBilderatlas der Sternenwelt by Weiss - 1892
ItemBode Star Charts - 1777
ItemBrockhaus Konversations Sternkarte des Himmels - circa 1900
ItemBy Order of the Sun by John Aubertin - 1894
ItemC. Iulii Hygini, Augusti Liberti, Fabularum Liber by Jacobus Micyllus - 1570
ItemCartes Elementaires d'Astronomie et de Geographie by Louis-Michel Pâris 1806
ItemCLAUDIUS PTOLEMAEUS, Pelusiensis Alexandrini omnia quae extant opera, praeter Geographiam - 1551
ItemComet Halley Fact and Foley by Donald Yeomans - 1985
ItemComite International Permanent Pour L'Execution De La Carte Photographique Du Ciel - 1889
ItemConsiderations on the Substance of the Sun by Augustus Brevoort Woodward - 1801
ItemCours Élémentaire D'astronomie by Delaunay - 1865
ItemCuriosiora et Selectiora Variarum Scientiarum Miscellanea - 1689
ItemDe la Terre aux Astres by G. Millochau - 1910
ItemDella Sfera del Mondo and Delle Stelle Fisse by Alessandro Piccolomini - 1552
ItemDie Milchstrasse by Fritz Goos - 1921
ItemDie Milchstrasse und die Kosmischen Nebel by Max Wolf - 1925
ItemDie Wunder des Himmels by Littrow - 1913
ItemEDO Period Japanese Woodblock Print Book - circa 1700
ItemElectro Astronomical Atlas by Joseph W Spoor - 1874
ItemElements of Astronomy by John Brinkley - 1819
ItemElements of Astronomy by John H. Wilkins - 1823
ItemEntretiens sur la Pluralité des Mondes by Fontenelle - 1701
ItemEphemerides Exactissimae Caelestium Motuum ad Longitudinem Almae Urbis by Andrea Argoli - 1677
ItemEphemerides Ioannis Stadii Leonnovthensis Mathematic by Johannes Stadius - 1581
ItemEratosthenis Catasterismi - 1795
ItemÉléments de Cosmographie by Napoléon Nicolas de Meissas - 1837
ItemFirst Lessons in Geography by J. A. Cummings
ItemFive German Stereoviews - circa 1920
ItemGeocentric Motions of Mercury and Venus According to Tycho Brahe's Model of the Solar System from Atlas Coelestis (plate 9) by Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr - 1742
ItemGlobi Coelestis In Tabelas Planas Redaccti Pars II from Atlas Coelestis by Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr - 1742
ItemGlobi Coelestis In Tabelas Planas Redaccti Pars IV from Atlas Coelestis by Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr - 1742
ItemGoto Hakubutsu Shinpen
ItemHalf-Hours with the Stars by Richard Proctor - 1911
ItemHammett's Planisphere - circa 1920
ItemHammett's Planisphere and Envelope - circa 1920
ItemHammond's Handy Star Finder - 1935
ItemHammond's Handy Star Finder - 1947
ItemHeliocentric Motions of Mercury and Venus from Atlas Coelestis (plate 7) by Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr - 1742
ItemHimmels Atlas in Transparenten Karten - 1860
ItemHistoire du Ciel by Pluche - 1757
ItemHistoire De L'astronomie Ancienne Depuis Son Origine by Jean Bailly - 1781
ItemIntroductio Ad Veram Astronomiam Seu Lectiones Astronomicae by John Keill - 1718
ItemKosmos-Sternkarte by Walter Widmann - 1959
ItemL'Astronomie Pittoresque by L'Abbé J. Loridan - 1896
ItemL'Atmosphere: Météorologie Populaire by Camille Flammarion - 1888
ItemLa Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo Alessandrino by Claudius Ptolemaeus - 1574
ItemLa Nature et Présage des Comètes by Claude Comiers - 1665
ItemLa Planete Mars Vol II - Inscribed
ItemLe Macchie Solari - 1655
ItemLawrence Manufacturing Cancelled Check
ItemMaki No Yon
ItemMang's Drehbare Sternkarte circa 1908
ItemMapa Severni Oblohy by the Stefanik Observatory - circa 1950
ItemMars and Its Canals by Percival Lowell
ItemMars As The Abode Of Life by Percival Lowell
ItemMars by Percival Lowell - 1895
ItemMechanick Dialling by Charles Leadbetter - 1737
ItemMemoir on a Trans-Neptunian Planet by Percival Lowell - 1915
ItemMemorie di Matematica e di Fisica Della Società Italiana - 1846
ItemMid-Edo Period Japanese Astronomy
ItemMiniature Facsimile Edition of De Revolutionibus - 1973
ItemMonograph of the Central Parts of the Nebula of Orion by Holden - 1882
ItemNew Observations of the Planet Mercury by Percival Lowell - 1898
ItemNouveau Traite de la Pluralite des Mondes by Christiaan Huygens - 1702
ItemObservationes Astronomicas, Volumen III" by F. G. W. Struve - 1822
ItemObservations of the Nebulae by William Parsons - 1850
ItemObservations of the Planet Mars by Harold Webb - 1936
ItemOctober Through December Constellations by Hiram Mattison - 1856
ItemOdes Upon Cash, Corn and Catholics
ItemOne Print from Histoire Générale des Voyages by Antoine Prévost - 1754
ItemOrion Star Chart by Abraham Rees - 1820
ItemOur Charley, And What to Do With Him by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe - 1858
ItemOur Stellar Universe. Stereoscopic Star Charts and Spectroscopic Key Maps by Thomas Edward Heath - 1905
ItemP. Ovidii Nasonis Fastorum Libri VI by OVID - 1582
ItemPalomar Observatory Lagoon Nebula Print
ItemParker's Ephemeris
ItemPeople's Atlas of the Stars with Key Maps by James Gall - 1867
ItemPhilips' Planisphere - circa 1900
ItemPlanisphere Celeste Mobile by Camille Flammarion - circa 1915
ItemPlanisphères Célestes by by Alexandre Emile Lapie - 1828
ItemPocket Astronomy and Pocket Planisphere - 1893
ItemPopular Guide to the Heavens by Robert Ball - 1925
ItemPrints from Созвѣздія представленныя на XXX таблицах by Kornelius Reĭssig - 1829
ItemPrints from Atlas Coelestis by John Flamsteed - 1729
ItemPrints from Uranometria Britannica by John Bevis - circa 1750
ItemPrints from Uranometria by Johann Bayer - 1661
ItemReduction of the Observations of Planets by George Airy - 1845
ItemReprints From the Library of Sidney G. Hacker (Hubble, Russell, Eddington, De Sitter, Freundlich, Milne, and Paneth)
ItemResults of Astronomical Observations Made During the Years 1834, 5, 6, 7, 8 at the Cape of Good Hope by Herschel 1847
ItemReynolds Star Chart
ItemRockstroeh Star Charts
ItemSaturn and Its System by Richard A. Proctor (Percival Lowell's copy) - 1865
ItemSaturn and Its System by Richard A. Proctor
ItemScottish Provident Institution Star Maps - 1919
ItemSidereal Chromatics by Admiral W. H. Smyth - 1864
ItemSix Framed Star Charts from Burritt's Geograph of the Heavens - 1835
ItemSix Star Maps by Thomas Letts - 1881
ItemSky Challenger - 1978
ItemSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Atlas
ItemSociety for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Star Charts
ItemSpectroscopic Observations of Nebulae by James E. Keeler - 1894
ItemSphaera Ioannis de SacroBosco Emendata by Joannes de Sacro Bosco - 1606
ItemStar and Satellite Path Finder - 1957
ItemStar Atlas by Klein - 1888
ItemStar Atlas by Winslow Upton - 1896
ItemStar Atlas for Celestial Observations by Jacob Messer - 1901
ItemStar Explorer - 1958
ItemStellar Atmospheres by Cecilia Payne - 1925
ItemStern-Atlas by Beyer and Graff - 1925
ItemStern-Atlas I by Stuker - 1924
ItemStern-Atlas II by Stuker - 1925
ItemStern-Atlas III by Stuker - 1926
ItemSternbilder-Buch by Georgens and von Gayette - 1858
ItemStructure and Evolution of the Stars by Martin Schwarzschild - 1958
ItemSword Blade and Poppy Seed by Amy Lowell
ItemTabulae Caelestes Himmels Atlas - 1909
ItemThe AAVSO Variable Star Atlas
ItemThe Astro Quest Star Finder - 1970
ItemThe Atmosphere of Mars by Percival Lowell - 1916
ItemThe Barritt-Serviss Star and Planet Finder circa 1960
ItemThe Evolution of Worlds by Percival Lowell - 1909
ItemThe Green Flash and Other Low Sun Phenomena by O'Connell - 1958
ItemThe Large Magellanic Cloud
ItemThe Monster Telescopes, Erected by the Earl of Rosse, Parsonstown - 1845
ItemThe Moon by Richard A. Proctor -1873
ItemThe Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens
ItemThe Observer's Planisphere of Air Navigation Stars by Francis Chichester 1942
ItemThe Penetration of Atomic Particles Through Matter by Bohr - 1953
ItemThe Pin Point Planetarium by Armand Spitz
ItemThe Solar System by Percival Lowell - 1903
ItemThe Solar System by Rev. Thomas Dick - 1846
ItemThe Story of the Heavens by Sir Robert Ball
ItemThe Twentieth Century Atlas of Popular Astronomy by Thomas Heath - 1903
ItemThe Universal Star Finder - 1929
ItemTheoricae Novae Planetarum by Georg von Peuerbach - 1581
ItemThree Prints from Atlas Coelestis (plates 15, 16, and 17) by Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr - 1742
ItemTycho Brahe's Model of the Solar System from Atlas Coelestis (plate 3) by Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr - 1742
ItemTycho Brahe's Model of the Solar System from Atlas Coelestis (plate 10) by Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr - 1742
ItemUrsa Major and Ursa Minor Star Charts by Abraham Rees - 1820
ItemVoyage en Sibérie, fait par Ordre du Roi en 1761 by Jean-Baptiste Chappe d'Auteroche - 1769