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Atlas Celeste by Eugène Delporte - 1930

Here is a copy of "Atlas Céleste" by Eugène Delporte that was published in 1930, with its dust jacket. This atlas is the second of two publications by Delporte that present the standardized constellations and their boundaries as adopted by the International Astronomical Union. "Atlas Céleste" presents charts of the constellations and their official boundaries along with tables of stars with magnitudes greater than 4.5 (including spectral types), double stars, variables stars, clusters and nebulae. The other publication was "Délimitation Scientifique des Constellations" and from what I can gather from online sources is that this volume contains the same charts of "Atlas Céleste" but not the tables. Both of these volumes are official I.A.U. publications. Now I need to find a copy of "Délimitation Scientifique des Constellations" to go with "Atlas Céleste".