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Atlas Céleste by Charles Dien - 1869

Here is a copy of Charles Dien's "Atlas Céleste". Charles Dien was born in 1809 and died in 1870. This appears to be a second printing of the 1864 (2nd?) edition that was published in 1869 (the title page has "deuxième tirage" printed on it and it only lists Dien as the author). Nick Kanas mentions in his book "Star Maps" that this atlas was a joint effort between Charles Dien and Camille Flammarion starting with the 1865 edition, having both authors names on the title page. This atlas is very large as can be seen with my six inch pocket ruler pictured with the cover photograph for scale. The charts are very detailed and show the positions of clusters, nebulae and galaxies. However, the atlas does not label any of these non-stellar objects. This particular volume did see outdoor use as I found dried grass stuck between some of the pages. There are 26 charts included with this atlas. Two of them show constellation figures, the rest only show lines connecting the stars.