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"Observations of Spots on the Sun" by Carrington 1863

This volume is titled "Observations of the Spots on the Sun From November 9, 1853 to March 24, 1861, Made at Redhill, by Richard Christopher Carrington, F.R.S.". The volume has 166 plates that are at the beginning rather the end of the book. Plate 133 shows drawings of the sunspot that was the source of the famous coronal mass ejection which triggered the geomagnetic storm, known as the Carrington Event, that set telegraph stations on fire around the world and triggered aurora seen from tropical latitudes. Page 167 describes the solar flare associated with the spot. Plate 166 is a fold out graph that compares the period of sunspot numbers with Jupiter's radius vector, and the average price of wheat during the same period. One can clearly see the correlation between the first and last graph.