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"Comite International Permanent Pour L'Execution De La Carte Photographique Du Ciel" 1889

The title of this French language volume translates into English as "Permanent International Committee for the Execution of the Photographic Map of the Sky". This volume contains the minutes of the 1889 meeting of the committee that was overseeing the compiling of the "Carte du Ciel". In the late 19th century after dry photographic plates were developed, allowing long exposures of star fields to be made, an international project was started to create a star catalog (Astrographic Catalog) and a photographic atlas of the sky (Carte du Ciel). The project was initiated in 1887 by the Paris Observatory and was carried out by numerous observatories around the world, each being responsible for a certain portion of the sky. After many decades the Astrographic Catalog was eventually completed but the work on the atlas ended after about half of the sky was covered.