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"La Nature et Présage des Comètes" by Claude Comiers 1665

Here is a 17th century book about comets titled "La Nature et Présage des Comètes" (Nature and Omen of Comets) and was written by Claude Comiers in 1665. It is a first edition but it is missing the title page, and all of the introductory pages. It is also missing pages 369 through 387 and pages 399-400. It appears to have been rebound in either the 17th century or perhaps the 18th century. All ten of the woodcut illustrations are present. The following description has been taken from several auction sites that describe copies of this book that were up for sale in the past. "Comiers pleaded for the innocence of comets which he supposed to be only optical phenomena and therefore incapable of having effects apart from those attributed to light. However, while denouncing the superstitions of his time, Comiers painstakingly describes the mechanism of the end of the world triggered by the comet of 1665."