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Spectroscopic Observations of Nebulae by James E. Keeler - 1894

This small book is an excerpt from Volume III of the Publications of the Lick Observatory. It contains the observations of the spectra of nebulae made by James E. Keeler. Keeler worked at the Lick observatory from 1888 through 1891. He left the Lick Observatory to become the director of the Allegheny Observatory but returned to Lick in 1898 as its second directory after Edward Holden resigned. Sadly Keeler died of a stroke in 1900 at the height of his career. I found this little volume at a University of Kansas book sale about 30 years ago. It was pointed out to me by Andrew Stephens, from the Vintage Astronomy Books Facebook Group, that the cover contains the remnants of James Keeler's signature that the University of Kansas Library trimmed off the cover when they bound the article.