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Prints from "Theatrum Cometicum" by Stanislaw Lubieniecki - 1668

"Theatrum Cometicum" provides accounts of over 400 comets that were observed throughout history up until 1665. The book has 872 pages and more than 80 plates.
Plate 21 shows the comet of 1665.
Plate 41 shows the path of the Comet of 1664 (C / 1664 W1) seen in December 1664.
Plate 62 shows two prominent comets seen around the birth of Christ.
Plate 66 shows several comets that were observed between the years 1200 and 1511.
Plate 67 shows several comets that were observed between the years 594 and 839.
Plate 68 shows Tycho Brahe's comet of 1590.
Plate 71 shows the comets that were observed in 389 and 412, which appear to be represented by the large white circles with the yellow borders (no tails) in the left side of the print.
Plate 74 shows several comets that were seen during the 16th century (1513, 1531, 1532, 1539, 1558, and 1596).
Plate 77 shows several comets that were observed between 1000 and 1180, which includes the comet of 1066 (Halley's Comet) that was recorded in the Bayeux Tapestry.
Plate 79 shows the comets of 1338, 1471, and 1556.
The National Digital Library of Poland has a complete copy of "Theatrum Cometicum" available online. Digital Copy of Theatrum Cometicum