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The Astro Quest Star Finder 1970

Here we have two copies of the Astro Quest Star Finder that was published by the Glen Ellen Scientific Company during the early 1970s. The Glen Ellen Scientific Company was founded by Albert Heppe who was a Northern California science teacher. Albert Heppe at first taught in local high schools and then moved up to a Catholic College. One the star finders is missing its packaging the other is still in its shrink wrap. These star finders were kits that needed to be assembled using glue and the enclosed plastic fasteners. These star finders were intended as an instructional tool designed to teach students the fundamentals of the celestial coordinate system. These star finders had a very short production run. The Glen Ellen Scientific Company started around 1970 and was housed in an old church in historic Glen Ellen, California. Four years later the church burned and to my knowledge that was the end of the Glen Ellen Scientific Company. I have never seen any assembled copies of this star finder.