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One Print from "Histoire Générale des Voyages" by Antoine François Prévost 1754

This is a print from Antoine François Prévost's 1754 volume of 'Histoire Générale des Voyages'. The print was engraved by Jacques-Nicolas Bellin. This print shows the 365 day Aztec calendar, called the Xiuhpōhualli, which was divided into 18 months of 20 days each, plus 5 "nameless" days at the end of the year. The Aztecs also had a 260 day ritual calendar called the Tōnalpōhualli that consisted of 20 cycles of 13 days. The two cycles (Xiuhpōhualli and Tōnalpōhualli) together formed a 52 year "century" (the two cycles coincided every 52 years), which is represented in the print by the 52 repeated figures just inside the serpent. The outer serpent represented the calendar.