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Prints from Созвѣздія представленныя на XXX таблицах by Kornelius Reĭssig - 1829

One print from Созвѣздія представленныя на XXX таблицах (roughly translates to "Presentation of Constellations in 30 Tables"). This print was obtained through PBA Galleries in San Francisco and came out of the collection of Nick Kanas, who is one of the world's authorities on celestial atlases. This print was not originally colored, but was hand colored at a later date. The atlas Созвѣздія представленныя на XXX таблицах was the first Russian celestial atlas, being published by Kornelius Reĭssig in 1829. There were two editions, one having the star charts printed with black stars on a white background, the other with the stars and constellation figures printed with bronze ink on a black background. There are only four complete copies of this atlas available in the United States making this a rather rare atlas and they are located at the Library of Congress, the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, the Pennsylvania State University Library, and the Memorial Library at the University of Wisconsin. More information on Созвѣздія представленныя на XXX таблицах is available at the Library of Congress and the Linda Hall Library.