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ItemA New Star Atlas by Richard Proctor 1882
ItemAstronomy by Observation by Eliza Bowen 1890
ItemAstronomy Explained Upon Sir Isaac Newton's Priniciples - Ferguson
ItemAtlas Designed to Illustrate Burritt's Geography of the Heavens
ItemAtlas Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens
ItemAtlas Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens - 1835
ItemAstronomers of To-Day by Hector Macpherson
ItemBode Star Charts
ItemCuriosiora et Selectiora Variarum Scientiarum Miscellanea
ItemFirst Lessons in Geography by J. A. Cummings
ItemHalf-Hours with the Stars by Richard Proctor 1911
ItemLa Planete Mars Vol II - Inscribed
ItemLawrence Manufacturing Cancelled Check
ItemMars and Its Canals by Percival Lowell
ItemMars As The Abode Of Life by Percival Lowell
ItemNouveau Traite de la Pluralite des Mondes by Christiaan Huygens
ItemOdes Upon Cash, Corn and Catholics
ItemOur Charley, And What to Do With Him by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe 1858
ItemParker's Ephemeris
ItemReduction of the Observations of Planets
ItemReynolds Star Chart
ItemRockstroeh Star Charts
ItemSaturn and Its System by Richard A. Proctor 1865, Percival Lowell's Copy
ItemSaturn and Its System by Richard A. Proctor
ItemSociety for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Star Charts
ItemSphaera Ioannis de SacroBosco Emendata by Joannes de Sacro Bosco
ItemStellar Atmospheres by Cecilia Payne
ItemStar Atlas for Celestial Observations by Jacob Messer
ItemSword Blade and Poppy Seed by Amy Lowell
ItemTabulae Caelestes Himmels Atlas 1909
ItemThe Moon by Richard A. Proctor
ItemThe Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens
ItemThe Pin Point Planetarium by Armand Spitz
ItemThe Story of the Heavens by Sir Robert Ball
ItemTheoricae Novae Planetarum by Georg von Peuerbach
ItemChautauqua Courses
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